Bag Emptying

Bag Emptying

Materials are often introduced into a process by way of small bags or sacks. This is typically a manual task involving frequent lifting and twisting. The most ergonomic sack dump stations are designed with the operator in mind and would typically include a lifting aid such as a vacuum lifter. Efficient dust extraction is essential as is a waste sack disposal system. For higher through-puts (up to 600 bags/hr), an automatic bag opening system such as our K600 should be considered.

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K400 & K600 Series

Automatic Bag Opener

  • High speed opening of bags automatically at up to 10 bags per minute
  • Suitable for powders, granules, flakes and pellets
10 BPM

Bag Dump Station

  • Suitable for powders, granules, flakes and pellets
  • Dust management systems to minimise dust escape

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