Efficient and adaptable case packers

Whether you want to automate your end-of-line packaging, improve productivity, or reduce labor costs, Premier Tech is ready to respond with a case packer that suits your needs.

From small runs to frequent changeovers, our highly versatile and flexible robotic case packers pack products of different shapes and sizes into cases, display cases, and trays with efficiency and ease.

Our expertise as a case packer manufacturer is unmatched. Our complete lines can be equipped with case erectors, palletizers,  and more, providing end-to-end solutions for manufacturers of all kinds.

Robotic case packers use a conveyor to move products to the packing station where they’ll be queued, grouped, or scanned to identify their position. The packing robot then picks up the products and accurately places them into containers. 

Once packed, the containers are closed or sealed and moved to the next stage of the packaging line.


Our case packing equipment

Our robotic case packers are manufactured locally, and offerings vary by region.

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CPC Series (former RPK Series)

Versatile robotic case packer

  • Built in North America, this modular and customizable series can handle multiple SKUs with varying production rates and packing requirements.
  • Packs virtually any products into cases, display cases, and trays, either vertically or horizontally.
Up to 60 cycles/minute
RPK Series case packer
RPB Series

Flexible robotic case packer

  • Economical, compact, and modular robotic case packing solution built in Brazil.
  • Packs bags, doypacks, and display cases into trays or RSC cases, either vertically or horizontally.
Up to 40 units/minute

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Case packing solutions for a range of industries

Our pre-engineered or customized robotic case packers are designed to handle various product types and packaging configurations.

Many industries

Various products

  • Bags and pouches
  • Boxes and cartons
  • Display cases
  • Plastic and glass bottles
  • Trays
  • And more

Packing orientations

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Scalable speeds

  • Up to 70 units per minute with multi-picks per robot

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our case packing lines have been finetuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.


Flexible robotic packaging solutions

Our robots and customized end-of-arm-tooling are easily interchangeable and based on your product and package type, loading orientation, speed, and payload.


Highly versatile

Offering quick changeovers of packing pattern and end effectors, our case packers make handling multiple SKUs at high rates simple while reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Compact case packing machine RPK Series

Compact and modular

Designed to meet compact space requirements, our case packing solutions have quick installation times and are modular and scalable to fit your business needs and space.

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Sanitary packaging solutions

Our robotic packaging cells are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations, including using stainless steel and easy-to-clean wipe-down features for food safety and hygiene.

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

All our case packing machines are controlled via PLC with a user-friendly touchscreen HMI.

The simple and open design speeds up the changeover process to under 5 minutes and provides easy cleaning and maintenance.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our lines come equipped with the latest in safety features and can be adapted to specific market or country regulations:

  • Emergency-stop buttons
  • Safety doors
  • Safety tunnels
  • Trapped key interlocking
Case packer RPK Series

Additional available features

We care about making your robotic case packing line as functional as possible, offering a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs.

How we partner in your success

Our customers

We specialize in equipment and client solutions for nutrition, industrial, agriculture, and organic products. Here are some of the customers we’ve been privileged to serve. 

Complete your packaging line with palletizers

Boost the efficiency of your packaging line with an automatic palletizer. Ensure your goods arrive safe and secure with optimized, stable, consistent pallets.

Robotic palletizer stacking a row of cases on a pallet

Case erector machine

Streamline your workflow with case erectors

We provide top-of-the-line case erectors, which can quickly and efficiently create boxes to protect your goods during shipping or storage.

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