Automatic open-mouth bagging machines

Improve the safety and capacity of your packaging line with an open-mouth bagging system. Our offerings meet the highest standards for accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Our portfolio includes moderate to high-speed models, and sanitary and compact open-mouth bagging solutions with varying levels of automation.

With over a century of experience following the acquisition of Chronos Richardson in 2001, we are a leading manufacturer of open-mouth baggers for bags 5kg and heavier.

Automated open-mouth baggers are designed to fill and seal pre-made open-mouth bags quickly and efficiently.

Product is weighed via a net or gross weight scale and fed into a bag. The bag moves through a sealing station, after which it can go be further processed or palletized.

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Our automated open-mouth bagging machines

Our open-mouth baggers are manufactured with varying levels of automation, and offerings vary by region.

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Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
OML Series

High-speed open-mouth bagger

  • This high-speed equipment uses advanced technology to bag granules and powders quickly and efficiently.
  • Handles paper, polyethylene, and laminated polywoven bags.
  • Built in North America
Up to 27 bags/minute (1620/hour)
Open mouth bagger OML Series - North America
Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
OML Series

Fully automatic open-mouth bagging machines

  • This series handles all kinds of granules and powders and features three models suited to different production capacities, budgets, and floor space.
  • Handles paper, polyethylene, laminated and non-laminated polywoven bags.
  • Built locally in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
Up to 25 bags/minute (1400/hour)
Open mouth bagging machine CAD OML-1140
Icon New Product

Open-mouth powder bagging machine

  • Most cost-effective bagging machine designed to pack powders like flour into 20-30 kg bags.
  • Handles paper and polywoven bags.
Up to 15 bags/minute (900/hour)
3D rendering of the OMP-2090 Open-mouth bagger
Icon Upgraded Tag
OMR Series

Versatile robotic open-mouth bagger

  • Provides a simple, efficient, and low-maintenance bagging solution for granules and powders.
  • Handles paper, polyethylene, laminated and non-laminated polywoven bags.
Up to 20 bags/minute (1200/hour)
Robotic open mouth bagger OMR-1130 CAD
BFL Series

High-precision open-mouth bagger for powders

  • Designed for powders, it fills bags accurately and rapidly from the bottom up, minimizing dust emission and product aeration.
  • Handles paper, polyethylene, and polywoven bags.
Up to 20 bags/minute (1200/hour)
Open mouth bagger BFL-2120 CAD
OMI Series

Open-mouth bagger with integrated sealer

  • Designed for free-flowing granules and powders, it features an integrated sealer for optimal seals and high-quality finished products.
  • Handles polyethylene and other heat-sealable bags.
Up to 20 bags/minute (1200/hour)
Open mouth bagger OMI Series CAD
BFH Series

Hygienic open-mouth bottom-up filling system

  • Built locally, this series is designed to bag powders that require adherence to stringent hygiene standards.
  • Handles paper, polyethylene, and polywoven bags.
Up to 7 bags/minute (420/hour)
Open mouth bagger BFH Series
VAKU Series

Bag deaeration System

  • Uses probes to remove air from filled bags before sealing.
Up to 5 bags/minute (300/hour)
Open mouth bagger VAKU Series CAD

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What open-mouth baggers can do and handle

Our bagging machines can pack a variety of dry products into 25, 50, and 100 lb pre-made bags.

Various bulk materials

Many bag types

  • Materials: paper, polyethylene, and polywoven
  • Formats: gusseted, pillow, and block-bottom

Diverse speeds

  • High: up to 27 bags per minute (1620 per hour)
  • Moderate: up to 20 bags per minute (1200 per hour)
  • Low: up to 7 bags per minute (420 per hour)

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our open-mouth bagging systems have been finetuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.

Bagging scale discharding seeds into a bag

Extremely accurate bagging scales

Combined with a selection of top-of-the-line gross or net bagging scales, our equipment fills bags quickly and accurately, reducing product loss and increasing your profit with each bag.

A robotic arm holds an open-mouth bag in place during the filling process

Varying levels of automation

Whether you opt for an entry-level model with some automated features, or a higher end, high-speed open-mouth bagger that provides full automation, we're here to help you make the right choice.

A sanitary open-mouth bag filler

Sanitary design and clean operations

Food safety, hygiene, and cleanliness are important for many customers. That's why our bagging systems feature dust-free operations, stainless steel contact points and are designed to prevent contamination.

Icon reliability

Highly reliable and sturdy design

Robust industrial construction ensures minimal downtime while delivering exceptional efficiency.

Ergonomic design of key components simplifies operation and offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

Our bagging machines are controlled via PLC with a user-friendly HMI.

Operators can select recipes, adjust bag sizes, and start new batches in a matter of seconds through the simple touchscreen interface.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Equipped with the latest safety features, our packaging lines can be adapted to the specific regulations of different countries and market segments, such as:

  • Safety doors with trapped key interlocking
  • Light curtains
  • Emergency-stop buttons
  • Guarding
  • Dust removal system
  • Separated electrical and control panels
Open-mouth bag sewing machine

Additional features

We care about making your packaging line as functional as possible and offer a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs:

How we partner in your success

“The equipment responds very well to the entire range of bags used by our clients. We can work with precision from 33 to 57 lb without losing any speed or performance.”

Marcos Pereira
Plant leader, Technoseeds

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Technoseeds Case Study
Lifeline Foods case study

“We were looking for a solution to meet our wish list. Premier Tech met not only our wish list, but instead of an ROI of 3 years, it was just over 2 years.”

Michelle Clark
Vice President of Finance and Accounting, Lifeline Foods

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