CHRONOS OMR SERIESVersatile robotic open-mouth bagger

Available in

Canada & USA and Latin America

The OMR Series features patented technologies and robotics for a simple, reliable, and low-maintenance bagging solution.

These baggers, offered in two models, efficiently pack various free-flowing materials from multiple industries, such as pet food, seeds, animal feeds, fertilizers, corrosive materials, and more.

These versatile open-mouth bagging machines also handle many bag materials and accommodate different sizes with quick and simple adjustments.

Speed: up to 20 bags per minute (1200 per hour)*

Bulk materials: granules, powders, fibers, flakes, pellets, and coarse aggregates

Bag types: gusseted, pillow, and block bottom

Bag materials: paper, PE, laminated and non-laminated woven PP

Bag weight: 11 to 110 lb (from 5 to 50 kg)

* Depending on the application, bag characteristics, and machine configuration



  • Patented technologies for precise and consistent bag handling
  • Automatic bag placer and robotic bag transfer to the closing system
  • Separates woven PP bags efficiently
  • Bag detection on the filling spout to prevent product spillage without interrupting the bagging process


  • Handles various bag sizes and materials
  • Adapted to harsh and dusty environments
  • Multi-language HMI with quick automatic bag size changeovers
  • Parts in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel 304


  • Compact footprint and low headroom suited for restricted packaging rooms
  • Ships in a few modules for quick installation and start-up
  • Large access doors provide easy operations and safe maintenance


  • Various feeders and net weighers according to your application
  • Automatic adjustment on the bag magazine
  • Servo-driven bag dispenser, placer, and spout for increased precision and speed
  • Dust control spout and collection system
  • Filling spout with gusset reformer
  • Compatible with sealers, sewing, and pinch-top closing machines
  • Back kicker or line turner
  • Various bag identification options
  • Wash down parts for easy cleaning


Typical footprint: up to 137" L x 101" W x 86" H (3470 x 2552 x 2170 mm)1

Bag dimensions: 11–24" W (279–610 mm) x 20–44" L (508–1118 mm)1

Bag magazine capacity: up to 300 bags2

Electrical requirement: 460 V / 3Ph / 60 Hz

Operating temperature: 40 °F to 95 °F / 5 °C to 35 °C

1 Depending on the model
2 Depending on bag thickness and number of bag piles


The OMR Series open-mouth bagging machines come in 2 models to suit your specific needs.

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"Our biggest reason for installing a robotic bagging system is for the safety of our employees, not only that but the efficiency it adds."

Grant Prins
Feed Division Manager, New Vision Coop

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Grant Prins New Vision Coop
United Animal Health Case Study

"Premier Tech, I believe, had the number 1 bagger that we looked at."

Jon Wilson
Production Supervisor, United Animal Health

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