SLOOTWEG BPE SERIESWood fiber machine

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Canada & USA, Europe and Oceania

The SLOOTWEG BPE Serie wood fiber machine is a compact and energy-efficient processing equipment designed to produce structurally resilient fiber from various wood by-products.

The patented extruding and refining technology apply high pressure to the raw material, generating heat above 100°C. This process produces and sanitizes wood fiber, ensuring compliance with RHP certification standards.

This innovative technology allows substrate producers to add various kinds of local wood by-products as complementary or alternative raw materials in their mixes.

Capacity: up to 12 m3 per hour EN (16 yd3 per hour)*

Raw materials: white softwood chips, forest residues, compost wood

* Depending on the raw material



  • Processes various wood by-products
  • Adjustable to multiple fraction sizes, moisture content, and grades
  • Produces different quality finished products, including fine, coarse, and colored wood fibers


  • Low-energy consumption
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • On-site production with local raw materials
  • Provides a short ROI and attractive TCO

Robust design

  • High wear-resistant components, including hopper, housing, extruding screw, and refining plates
  • Includes upstream safety screen and magnet for enhanced protection
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Complies with CE, OSHA, and CSA safety regulations


  • Automatic top loader infeed to reduce labor costs
  • Complete range of easily interchangeable extrusion matrices to obtain various fractions
  • Dosing units for coloring fibers to meet specific customer needs
  • Modular system allowing the addition of units to increase production capacity
  • Temperature monitoring and logging to comply with RHP certification standards

Various raw materials can be used to produce wood fiber


Typical equipment dimensions 4000 mm L x 2300 mm W x 2000 mm H (157.5" L x 91" W x 79" H)

Expansion ratio Up to 3.5 (depending on the material, moisture content, and matrix)

Recommended raw material fraction sizes Up to 50 mm

Power requirement Europe: 143 kW @ 400 V/3Ph/50 Hz
USA: 143 kW @ 460 V/3Ph/60 Hz

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