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Our team is made up of specialized and experienced individuals that are dedicated to providing quality troubleshooting to our clients. We provide professional and personal service through our complete technical support system. All your technical inquiries will receive a quick response.

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Technical Support Premier Tech

Free 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year  

Service is available in:


  • English 

  • French 

  • Spanish 

The technical support team can connect remotely for even more effective troubleshooting:

  • Modem

  • Ethernet and/or VPN

  • Videoconference via Skype, Facetime and Viber
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Parts & Technical Support

1 855 932-2736

Direct lines

Quebec, Canada

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+1 418-867-8884

All Premier Tech equipment, any W.G. Durant, BAG Equip, Verville, Erin and Chronos Richardson equipment

Utah, USA

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+1 801-536-0426

Any STONEPAK equipment and predecessors: Bates, St. Regis Bates, Stone Container, Smurfit Stone, Altivity and Graphic Packaging

Alabama, USA

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+1 334-261-2779

Any vonGAL Equipment

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