Conventional palletizers

Conventional palletizing machines often remain the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to stack long production runs of the same products on pallets.

Our complete range includes compact and high-speed machines that can handle bags, bales, boxes, trays (and much more!) of various sizes.  They are likely to be the best adapted for small, large, or unstable products—improving production rates and providing increased workplace safety.

With the technical innovation and expertise gained through our legacy brands vonGAL and Chronos Richardson, we have been helping businesses put their best foot forward with optimized palletizing solutions for several decades.

Products enter an automatic palletizer via a high-level or low-level conveyor. Then, they are oriented and positioned in a row according to the pre-selected pattern. Once a row is formed, it is gently transferred to the stripping plates or layer elevator to be deposited on top of the pallet.

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Our palletizer machines

Our palletizers are manufactured locally, and offerings vary by region.

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Automatic case palletizer

  • The most popular among our customers, combining performance and efficiency to create 6’ high pallet loads.
  • Handles cases, boxes, pails, totes, bundles, and other rigid containers.
Up to 50 cases/minute
Conventional case palletizer APH 5360 CAD - Premier Tech
APC Series

Compact bag palletizer

  • Combines the proven technologies of a conventional palletizer with a high-level gripper.
  • Creates layers with good overlap and precise bag positioning for maximum stability.
  • Handles bags.
Up to 20 bags/minute
High level conventional palletizer
APH Series

High-speed bag palletizer

  • Built in North America, it comes in various models engineered with different technological options to meet the needs of your production line.
  • Handles bags, bales, and bundles.
Up to 40 bags/minute
Conventional palletizer APH-1200 model CAD

High-speed case palletizer

  • With superior, heavy-duty construction, this machine provides the highest throughput among our offerings while also maximizing floor space.
  • Handles cases, boxes, pails, totes, bundles, and other rigid containers.
Up to 75 cases/minute
Conventional case palletizer APH 5480 CAD - Premier Tech

Compact case palletizer

  • Stands among the most compact high-level machines in the industry.
  • Handles cases, boxes, pails, totes, bundles, and other rigid containers.
Up to 45 cases/minute
Conventional case palletizer APH 5300 - Premier Tech
APH Series

High-level automatic bag palletizer

  • Built in Europe, it comes in various models engineered with different technological options to meet the needs of your production line.
  • Handles bags.
Up to 40 bags/minute
Conventional palletizer APH Series CAD

Low-level palletizer

  • Well suited for low to medium production rates, this machine has a floor-level design to accommodate low-ceiling warehouses.
  • Handles cases, boxes, pails, totes, bundles, and other rigid containers.
Up to 35 cases/minute
Conventional palletizer

Hybrid robotic palletizer

  • Combines the versatility and agility of a robotic arm and its end-effector to palletize bags with the speed of a conventional palletizer.
  • Handles bags and bundles.
Up to 27 bags/minute
Hybrid Palletizer APR-1150 CAD

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our automatic palletizer machines have been finetuned over many years and provide proven, and dependable service.

Boxes on top of a conventional palletizer

Exceptional flexibility

Whether you need to be able to adjust speed, manage multiple pallet patterns, or maximize a small layout, our flexible palletizing machines can rise to the challenge.

Limestone calcium carbonate bags stacked on a pallet

High-quality pallet loads

Our conventional palletizing solutions stack products with outstanding consistency, resulting in stable, square, and tall pallet loads which can easily be stored and transported, every time.

Conventional bag palletizer with a pallet load

Robust and durable

Our automatic palletizers use sturdy and shock-resistant materials for long-lasting operation. With suggested maintenance, they can run 3 shifts a day over the course of several decades.

Icon reliability

Easy to maintain

Made from durable and low maintenance components, our machines require no specialized maintenance knowledge other than traditional mechanics and pneumatics.

Service technicians and spare parts depots are also located in key areas to keep downtime to a minimum. 

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

Each of our high performing palletizers is controlled via user-friendly HMI.

This technology allows for simple product changeovers and easy troubleshooting, with multiple password-protected user levels to minimize entry errors.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our lines come equipped with the best in safety and ergonomic features to protect your employees:

  • Handrails
  • Fences
  • Doors with trapped key interlocking
  • Automatic locks, safety brakes, and shafts on the hoist
  • Light curtains
  • Air dump valves
  • Emergency-stop buttons
A bag of soil enters a bag flattener

Additional available features

We care about making your palletizing line as functional as possible, offering a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs:

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