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With the demand for growing media set to triple by 2050 and challenges in peat sourcing, availability, and cost, substrate producers are turning to wood fiber to complement their soil mixes.

Premier Tech Systems and Automation leverages its growing media expertise through its SLOOTWEG product line to meet this market shift.

Starting with a volumetric hopper or automatic top loader infeed, wood products are conveyed to the wood fiber machine to be processed into structurally resilient fiber. The fiber can then be transferred to a storage bunker or a dosing hopper for subsequent mixing.

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Our equipment processes different wood species and produces varying qualities based on the raw material utilized.

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Complete processing line for wood fiber

Our modern and innovative wood fiber production equipment is designed to streamline your process and increase efficiency.

Complete processing line for wood fiber

Our volumetric hopper dispenses raw materials at a predetermined rate and can handle various wood sources.

The screening unit prevents large wood fragments from entering the processing equipment, ensuring high-quality fiber. Additionally, the magnet safeguards the machinery by preventing metal pieces from causing damage.

Combining elements of extruders and refiners, the SLOOTWEG BPE Series applies high pressure to raw materials, generating heat above 100°C. This innovative process produces and sanitizes wood fiber that meets RHP standards.

We offer a complete range of conveyors for collecting and transporting the wood fiber to a storage bunker. They are easy to clean and maintain.

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Bird eyes view of the SLOOTWEG BPE Series Wood Fiber Machine

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