Premier Tech’s Client Services team takes a personal approach to after-sales service. With lifecycle management in mind, we create enhanced solutions that are customized to your specific needs. These solutions are developed with your own capabilities and operational habits in mind, helping you continuously achieve and maintain productivity.

Equipment lifecycle

The Client Services’ passionate team acts as a partner by maintaining constant collaboration and putting your interests at the heart of daily decisions throughout your equipment’s lifecycle.
The goal is to maximize your throughput by maintaining uptime.

Spare parts

Ordering spare parts and spare part kits through Premier Tech ensures they have our genuine parts guarantee, and if you know what to order in advance, you’re better equipped to maintain uptime.



New technology and sturdier designs for certain equipment modules has helped production lines gain productivity and increase product throughput along with:

  • Better performance
  • Quick ROI
  • Reduced maintenance

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Client experience

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and when you succeed, we succeed. Our customer satisfaction rate has been consistently above 90% for the past several years.

WECARE Guarantee

WE CARE guarantee

This guarantee mirrors our belief that you are the reason we exist and that we must commit to helping your business be successful. As part of our commitment to meeting our clients’ highest expectations, we help you improve your productivity, while ensuring the safety of your people.

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24/7 client services

Technical Support 24/7

1 855 932-2736

Our customers benefit from 24/7 FREE
Technical assistance for life

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Icon client portal

Client Portal

Premier Tech now offers a digital customer
experience through its new and
personalized client portal

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Our offers are designed to help you reach your highest Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) by providing you with the most valuable lifecycle services in the industry.

Field Services

Our field service technicians offer valuable insight into equipment productivity levels, maintenance needs and much more.

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Start your first year with your new Premier Tech equipment off right with the support and insight that is included in our Year One program.

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Client services Premier Tech
Icon preventive maintenance


Purchasing Service Agreements allows you to lock in maintenance visits for an entire year, to ensure your equipment is analyzed and fine-tuned to boost performance and maximize product throughput.

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Icon Training Premier Tech


Training offers will allow you to train new and current operators and maintenance staff to use your equipment properly and safely and make the most of your production lines.

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Icon Elearning Premier Tech


Our e-learning platform gives you the opportunity to provide your staff with online training sessions that include interactive resources and skills assessment tests.

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