Service Agreement

Is your equipment running at its optimal speed? Your machine should receive periodic maintenance performed by qualified personnel to ensure long equipment life, safe operation, and optimum performance.  

Many of our clients have seen significant production gains thanks to the comprehensive client solutions services offered through a Service Agreement. 


Premier Tech Service Agreements aim to optimize and fulfill your manufacturing uptime by providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize your throughput. 

Icone finetune

On-site technicians analyze and fine-tune your equipment.

Icon reliability

Recommendations are made for critical parts to be kept in inventory to assure uptime.

Icon preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is integrated into your workflow to avoid unplanned downtime.

Icon retrofits upgrade

New retrofits and upgrades are identified to boost performance.


Premier Tech offers unbeatable service that goes beyond the installation and lasts for the lifetime of your machines. Sign up for a Service Agreement and secure your service visits for the next 12 months.

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