Form fill and seal bagging machines

FFS machines often remain the fastest, most efficient, and most economical way to package long runs of loose-fill materials.

Our portfolio features robust, high-speed FFS bagging machines that handle various bag sizes and bulk materials. Depending on your project's scope, budget, and required production rate, we can supply a bagger that enhances your packaging line's efficiency, capacity, and safety.

With expertise from our legacy brand, Chronos Richardson, and a global presence of over 350+ machines sold, we deliver automated packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

A form fill seal machine creates bags from plastic film, fills them with materials using a weighing scale or volumetric feeder, and seals and ejects them.

This continuous operation ensures streamlined packaging, making neat and attractive bags ready for palletization.


Our form fill and seal packaging solutions

Our automatic bagging machines are manufactured locally, with offerings varying by region.

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Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
FSH Series

Horizontal form fill seal machine

  • High-speed and efficient packing of loose-fill materials, including organic and landscaping products.
  • Forms bags from a roll of flat polyethylene film.
Up to 35 bags/minute
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FST Series

Tubular form fill and seal bagging machine

  • Compact, economical, and scalable bagging machine for free-flowing materials including, industrial, chemical and nutrition products.
  • Forms bags from a roll of tubular polyethylene or polypropylene film.
Up to 33 bags/minute (2000 per hour)
Tubular FFS bagging machine with plastic bag roll

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What FFS bagging machines can do and handle

Our bagging machines efficiently package a wide range of free-flowing products into PE bags, accommodating weights from 0.5 to 3 cubic feet (4 to 85 liters).

Many industries

Wide range of bags

  • Pillow-type
  • With bottom gussets
  • With bottom corners
  • Small and big formats

Various speeds

  • High: up to 35 bags per minute (2000 per hour)
  • Moderate: up to 20 bags per minute (1200 per hour)
  • Low: up to 5 bags per minute (300 per hour)

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our form fill and seal equipment have been finetuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.

Two tubular films of different sizes loaded on a FFS bagging machine

Versatile bagging solution

Our form fill and seal baggers offer easy reel changes for different bag sizes and formats. With their many customization options, they create compact, highly durable, and visually appealing bags.

  • Bag top trimmer
  • Embossing or dry ink coder
  • Gusset former to create a fold at the bottom of the bag
  • Corner sealer to strengthen the bottom of the bag
Bag filling with a FFS bagging machine

Cost-effective bagging solution

Form fill seal machines effectively reduce packaging costs by removing the need for pre-made bags. With exceptional performance and reliability, they offer an economical packaging solution.

A form, fill, and seal machine with a volumetric feeder on top

Precise and reliable filling

Top-of-the-line volumetric feeders and bagging scales achieve precise measurements of various products. They balance speed and dosing precision, optimizing efficiency and maximizing profitability.

Icon reliability

Dependable bagging operations

Robust construction and durable components ensure dependable, long-lasting performance.

Comprehensive technical support and spare parts specialists enhance operational reliability and serviceability.

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

Our FFS machines feature PLC control and an intuitive HMI.

Operators can efficiently perform product or recipe changeovers and address slowdown factors, optimizing uptime.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our bagging lines come equipped with the best safety features to protect your employees:

  • Safety doors with trapped key interlocking
  • Safety fencing to prevent access to moving parts
  • Emergency -stop buttons
  • Dust removal system
A bag of soil enters a bag flattener

Additional available features

We care about making your packaging line as functional as possible and offer a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs.

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