Wood shavings bagging machines

Sometimes used in applications like animal bedding, packaging wood shavings can be difficult because of the loose and lightweight nature of the material. With growing labour shortages and a need to increase employee safety, many companies are turning to automated solutions.

Premier Tech’s equipment of choice for wood shavings is our fully automatic VP-415 high-speed compression baler. Requiring only one operator to supervise the operation and load bags as required, this powerful machine has the potential to increase production rates significantly compared to other technologies available on the market and features an interactive and simple user interface. Because of the slow rate for stacking bales, a robotic palletizer is generally recommended on a complete line for processing wood shavings, and we can also provide a stretch hooder for 100% waterproof storage.

Equipment we recommend


Compression bagger

High-speed compression baler


Robotic palletizers

Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping machines

Packaging line for wood shavings

Complete line for peat moss and wood shavings


  1. Compression bagger
  2. Robotic palletizer
  3. Stretch hooder

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