CHRONOS LSH-1100Stretch hooder

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The LSH-1100 Stretch hooder is a versatile and universally applicable pallet load-securing system based on leading stretch hood technology. It can wrap up to 1,000 pallets per roll of film, maximizing uptime efficiency.

The system ensures optimal product safety by protecting pallets against humidity, UV, and other weather conditions, and cargo shifting during transport. The transparent film also provides enhanced visibility for brand packaging.

The pallet hooder can secure various products, including boxes and mixed loads. It requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. All functions are either motorized or pneumatically driven.

Speed: up to 100 loads per hour*

Applications: bags, boxes, bottles, big bags, mixed loads, trays, and more

* Depending on load height, film thickness, and other specifications



  • Secures various products and load sizes with film elasticity of up to 150%
  • Precise transfer of the film to hood boxes and mixed loads
  • Automatically detects load height and centers the pallet load


  • Can accommodate multiple lines and produce various load heights
  • Ensures consistent and minimal film consumption
  • Eliminates the need for top sheets and prevents loose film underneath the pallet
  • Low air and power consumption for reduced operational costs

High design quality

  • Rugged construction with a compact footprint and low headroom design
  • Mobile film-loading system lowers the film carriage to a safe working height
  • Equipped with safety fences and interlocking doors
  • Complies with Category 3, Performance Level D safety standards


  • Two-color continuous film printing (e.g., for a company name/logo)
  • Sleeving, banding, and double-hooding
  • Overheight compatibility to handle taller pallet loads
  • Pallet infeed and outfeed conveying systems


Typical footprint 305" L x 212 W x 182" H (7747 mm x 5385 mm x 4623 mm)

Stretch dimensions Rectangle pallets: 30"–54" L x 30"–50" W
Square pallets: 30"–50" L x 30"–50" W

Pallet load Height: 5"–9’ (217 to 2743 mm)
Weight: up to 4400 lbs

Electrical requirements 480 V / 60 Hz

Operating temperature 40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)

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