Silos and Hoppers

Systems supplied by PTSA often include silos, hoppers, and other storage vessels. While these vessels are simple in design, the choice of instruments and devices fitted will often make the difference to whether the material floes or not. Dust management, flow promotion, level monitoring and a wide variety of isolation and metering valves are available.

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Dust Filters

  • Efficient filtering systems for fine powders
  • Suitable for all applications, inside or out
SR Series

Bin Activator - Solimar Fluidizers

  • Easy to retrofit into existing equipment
  • Ideal for promoting flow in small hoppers and chutes, preventing bridging, ratholing and associated blockages

Level Probes

  • Includes Power shield to prevent false triggering
  • Fixed point sensing with auto calibration

Silo Fluidising

  • Can be retrofitted into existing silos
  • Ideal for promoting powder flow from large silos preventing bridging, ratholing and associated blockages

Tanker Loading Chutes

  • Fast filling of tankers and trucks
  • Integral dust management system returning powder to the process and clean air to the environment
tanker loading chutes

Flexible Connector

  • Provides a 100% sealed connection, eliminating leaks and dust
  • 40 second ease of changeover for this connector almost eliminates downtime

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