Nuts sorting machines

Nuts such as almonds, pecans, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts can be difficult to package for various reasons.

One of the main concerns within the nuts industry is the cost of upgrading bags when transitioning to automated processes. However, Premier Tech offers a patented technology that can handle a wide range of bag types, allowing you to continue using your existing bags.

Our bulk bagging system utilizes load cells to hang the bags, rather than manual placement on a platform. This automation increases speed and safety while reducing the need for human labor. Additionally, if you're looking to market your own retail bags at 1-3lbs/bag and package them into cases, Premier Tech offers a variety of efficient case packing options.

Finally, our advanced picking and sorting robots can replace human labour, resulting in cost and strain reduction, and more uniform and consistent sorting results.

Equipment we recommend

Seed and grain conditioning *North-America only


Open-mouth baggers

Case packer

Robotic case packer *Americas only


Robotic palletizer

Packaging line for nuts

Complete line for nuts


  1. Robotic sorter
  2. Open-mouth bagger
  3. Robotic palletizer

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