Accurate and reliable valve bag packers

Enhance your packaging efficiency, product quality, and employees’ safety with our versatile valve bag fillers.

Premier Tech’s diverse range of valve bag packers are designed to be precise, efficient, and cost-effective for various materials. Tailored to the unique characteristics of your product, our semi and fully-automatic baggers are compact, low-maintenance, and aligned with your budget, space, and production needs.

With over a century of experience, we closely collaborate with clients in the food, chemicals, and minerals industries to optimize operations, covering bag handling, sealing, palletizing, and pallet wrapping.

An operator, bag applicator, or robotic arm places an empty valve bag on the filling spout of the valve packer. The machine fills and discharges the bag when it reaches the target weight.

Bags can be sealed to ensure added protection and prevent leaks, contributing to a more stable and compact palletized load.


Our valve bag filling machines

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Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
VPC & VPK Series (former CleanPak)

Packer with integrated ultrasonic valve bag sealer

  • Prevents leakage by sealing valve bags before they are moved from the original filling position
  • Mounts on the frame of the Air packer and Impeller packer
Up to 4 bags/minute (240/hour)
Icon New Product
VPF Series

Fully equipped air valve bag filling system

  • Accurate and clean filling of powders, granules, and minerals, preventing contamination and degradation.
  • Includes an integrated ultrasonic sealer on the spout.
Up to 4 bags/minute (250/hour)
VPF 2200 Open Mouth Bagger
Icon New Product
Apply and Stack

Robotic valve bag applicator and palletizer

  • Places empty bags on the packer’s fill spout and stacks filled ones directly on a pallet on the floor.
  • Compatible with air, auger, and impeller valve bag fillers.
Up to 5 bags/minute (300/hour)
Robotic valve bag applicator and palletizer CAD
Icon Upgraded Tag
VPV Series (former DB-700 Series)

Vacuum valve bag filler

  • Precisely fills porous valve bags with ultra-fine powders while containing dust within the vacuum chamber.
  • Ideal for chemicals.
Up to 3 bags/minute (100/ hour)
Vacuum Valve Bag Filler - DB-700 Series
VPF Series (former 725 Series)

Force Flow Air Packer

  • Fills bags with powders, mixes, and granules that can be food grade or dusty.
  • Ideal for food, chemicals, and minerals that must remain intact.
Up to 10 bags/minute (600/hour)
Air Packer - valve bag filler CAD
VPI Series (former 820 Series)

Impeller valve bag filler

  • Tightly packs high-density powders with a particle size of 200 mesh and finer.
  • Ideal for minerals or construction materials where scorching and shearing are not a concern.
Up to 8 bags/minute (480/hour)
Valve bagger Impeller Packer CAD
VPF-5000 Series (former Encompass)

Enclosed air packer with ultrasonic sealer and bag applicator

  • Suitable for powdery bulk materials such as food and chemicals.
  • Efficiently fills and seals valve bags while containing dust within the bagging enclosure.
Up to 4 bags/minute (240/hour)
Valve bagger Encompass CAD
VPA Series (former 900 Series)

Auger packer for valve bag

  • Fills bags with a wide range of powdered and granular materials, including sticky products.
  • Ideal for minerals, chemicals, and food that can sustain some abrasion.
Up to 8 bags/minute (480/hour)
Valve bagger Auger Packer CAD
VBH Series (former 509 & 511 Series)

Conventional valve bag applicator

  • Automatically places empty valve bags on the filling tubes of up to 4 packers
  • Available with air, auger, impeller, and vacuum valve bag fillers
Up to 18 bags/minute (1080/hour)
Robotic valve bag placer

Robotic valve bag handling system

  • Handles empty and filled valve bags on multiple fillers simultaneously.
  • Compatible with all valve bag fillers and adaptable to perform additional tasks.
Up to 18 bags/minute (1080/hour)

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What valve bag fillers can handle

Our valve bag packers can efficiently fill a variety of bulk materials, including powders, mixes, granules, and pellets, into 5 kg or heavier bags.

Many industries

  • Food: bakery mixes, baking powder, cocoa powder, flour, dry milk powder, powdered sugar, starches
  • Chemicals: ammonium chloride, carbon black, pigments, PVC, resins, and tricalcium phosphate
  • Minerals: clay, cement and concrete mixes, gypsum, salt, lime, and, talc

Various product characteristics

  • Abrasive
  • Corrosive
  • Dense
  • Hazardous
  • Light
  • Sticky
  • Volatile

Different filling rates

  • High: up to 10 bags per minute (600 per hour)
  • Moderate: up to 6 bags per minute (360 per hour)
  • Low: up to 3 bags per minute (180 per hour)

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our valve bagging systems have been fine-tuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.

Valve bag filling weight controller interface

Accurate filling

Valve bag packers excel in rapid and precise filling, thanks to the high accuracy of the dosing unit and weight controllers. This minimizes product loss and maximizes your ROI.

Valve bag filler

Extremely durable and reliable

The robust construction ensures decades of reliable, low-maintenance operations, supported by parts assistance. Whether you are familiar with us from St. Regis, Champion International, Stone Container, Smurfit-Stone, Altivity Packaging, Graphic Packaging, or STONEPAK, we have you covered.

A robot places a valve bag on a valve bag filler

Flexible configurations and automation levels

Our bagging systems also offer automated bag handling, sealing, and printing tailored to your packaging needs. Multiple valve baggers can be banked for added capacity, using conventional applicators and robotic bag placing and stacking for maximum efficiency.

Icon sanitary

Clean valve bagging technologies

Designed to reduce dust emissions and explosion hazards, our bagging solutions create a cleaner work environment, prioritizing employee health and safety.

They are also easy to clean and ideal for industries requiring hygienic packaging.

Icon Usability

User-friendly control

Valve bag fillers are easy to use through the weight controller's interface or a master controller for the entire bagging system.

The simple touchscreen simplifies user management, editing, monitoring, and operation.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our automated bagging equipment come equipped with the latest in safety features:

  • Dust collection and explosion protection
  • Emergency-stops
  • Light curtains
  • Performance Level D compliance
  • Safety fences with interlocking doors
  • Safety guards or rails
Apply and stack valve bag placer - Labeler

Additional available features

We care about making your valve bag packaging equipment as functional as possible, offering a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs.

  • Bag flatteners
  • Conveyors
  • Checkweighers
  • Labelers and printers
  • Metal detectors
  • Operator seats
  • Ultrasonic sealers
  • Weight controllers

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