Optical Sorting

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Robotic Nut Sorting Machine

  • Automates the final sorting process of nuts including almonds and pecans.
  • The AI-powered robots efficiently remove any foreign materials and debris according to the desired grading.
Up to 5000 lbs/hour
Pick and sort machine SCP-2100 CAD
OS F Series

Fine Seed Optical Sorter

Detects even the subtlest imperfections in delicate seeds like vegetables, flowers, spices, and grass, ensuring the purest fine seed lots.

Up to 150 kg/hour
PETKUS Optical Sorter
OS T Series

Full-Color Optical Sorter

Achieves unmatched sorting accuracy in a single pass by detecting color, shape, and internal defects in seed and grain.

Up to 30 tons/hour
PETKUS Optical Sorter

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