Pneumatic conveying systems

Moving granular or powdered dry bulk materials efficiently can be challenging. The decision can involve several factors, including required throughput, conveying distance, available space, efficiency requirements, and budget constraints.

Fortunately, our range of pneumatic conveyors can handle various materials, including abrasive, fragile, cohesive, or combustible substances. With Kockums’ extensive experience in Australia, we can guide you in choosing the most suitable pneumatic conveyor.

Whether you need a vacuum, air, dense, or lean phase conveying system, we can supply equipment for transferring 100 kg/h to 300 tonnes/h and nearly 1 km long.

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KT Series

Dense phase conveying system

  • Fully enclosed low-velocity conveyor that uses a pressure pot to efficiently transfer abrasive powders with high throughput rates over distances up to 1000 meters.
Up to 300 tonnes/hour
Pneumatic conveyor KT Series
Scirocco II

Air-slide hose

  • Fully enclosed conveyor that efficiently moves fine powders over long distances and around corners with fluidization and gravity while requiring virtually no maintenance.
Up to 350 tonnes/hour
Air slide hose Scirocco II CAD
AMC Series

Aero mechanical conveyor – Air conveyor

  • The high-speed cable and disc assembly create an air stream that moves powders or granules, preventing degradation and dust escape.
Up to 30 tonnes/hour
Prenumatic conveyor - aero mechanical conveyor
KTV Series

Container unloading system

  • Simple, robust conveying vessel that vacuums powder from a standard shipping container and blows it into the destination storage silos.
Up to 30 tonnes/hour
Pneumatic conveyor KTV Series CAD
KLP Series

Positive pressure conveying

  • Fully enclosed conveying for powders and granules from single or multiple rotary valve inlets to multiple destinations up to 100 meters away.
Up to 20 tonnes/hour
Positive pressure conveying Premier Tech

Tanker Blowers

  • Heavy duty blowers for road tankers
  • Quiet, low temperature and oil free air
K2M Series

Mircoveyor pneumatic conveyor

  • Small, fully enclosed conveying vessel for efficiently blowing powders and granules from a single inlet to multiple destinations over distances up to 200 meters.
Up to 6 tonnes/hour
Microveyor pneumatic conveyor K2M Series
KV Series

Vacuum conveyor

  • Cleanest pneumatic conveyor that vacuums powders and granules from single or multiple inlets to a common destination up to 40 meters.
Up to 6 tonnes/hour
Vacuum conveyor KV Series CAD

Locomotive Sanding

  • Simple and safe to use, operator friendly
  • Heavy duty reliable design built for harsh remote locations
HORI Series

Wing compressor

  • Provides efficient and quiet conveying air for unloading dry bulk tankers and in-plant Dense Phase conveying systems.
Wing compressor HORI Series CAD

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With the technical innovation and expertise gained through our legacy brand Kockums, we are committed to providing pneumatic conveying solutions tailored to your needs to improve operational efficiency.

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