Wide selection of bagging machines

Whether you want to increase production capacity, improve working conditions, or upgrade older units, Premier Tech is ready to respond with a bagging machine that suits your needs.

Our diverse range of bagging machines is designed for packaging dry bulk materials in bags weighing over 5 kg. These include manual and fully automatic open-mouth baggers, valve bag packers, big bag fillers, form fill and seal bagging machines, and compression baggers

Renowned for their reliability and precision, these bagging machines ensure quick and consistent bagging while maintaining product quality.

As a complete automation solution provider, we also offer end-of-line systems for palletizing and pallet wrapping to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your packaging lines.


What bagging machines can handle

Our bagging equipment efficiently package diverse free-flowing and powdery products from nutrition, organic, agriculture, chemical and mineral products.

Bulk materials

  • Granules
  • Pellets
  • Powders
  • Flakes
  • Coarse aggregates

Bag types

  • Open-mouth bags
  • Valve bags
  • Flat and tubular FFS (form, fill, seal) films
  • Bulk bags (FIBC)
  • Bales

Automation levels

  • Fully automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Manual

Bagging technologies

Open-mouth bagging machines

Highly versatile and efficient, these automatic bagging machines quickly and accurately fill pre-made open-mouth bags with powders and granular materials.

Ideal for high production capacity and sanitary operations, they are known for their superior reliability and uptime.

Icon representing speed

Up to 27 bags per minute (1620/hour)

Icon representing weight

From 5 to 50 kg (11 to 110 lb)

Valve bag fillers

Valve bag packers offer a cost-effective and simple way of packaging various bulk materials, including chemicals, minerals, and food products.

This packing process results in squared bags that are highly secure when palletized.

Icon representing speed

Up to 10 bags per minute (600/hour)

Icon representing weight

From 10 to 50 kg (20 to 110 lb)

Form fill and seal baggers

Ideal for packaging large amounts of free-flowing materials, including lawn and garden products, plastic pellets, and more.

Using a film roll, they simultaneously form, fill, and seal bags, reducing packaging costs and creating durable, visually appealing bags.

Icon representing speed

Up to 35 bags per minute (2000/hour)

Icon representing weight

From 5 kg to 50 kg (11 to 110 lb)

Bulk bag fillers

Efficiently package dry granules and powders into big bags (FIBC) for safe storage or transportation.

Available in semi- and fully-automatic versions, our fillers are designed with simplicity, durability, and precise filling in mind.

Icon representing speed

Up to 30 bulk bags per hour

Icon representing weight

Up to 2000 kg (4400 lb)

Compressions baggers

Compress fibrous and flaky products such as soil, wood shavings, peat moss, and insulation into square bales ensuring easier stacking on pallets.

This method enables to pack more material in each bag , thereby reducing packaging cost and optimizing shipping transportation.

Icon representing speed

Up to 7 bales per minute (420/hour)

Icon representing weight

From 1ft3 to 135 ft3

Manual bagging machines

A popular and cost-effective solution that combines a net or gross weigher and a spout to fill open-mouth bags with diverse materials.

Simple to use, these machines can be upgraded to fully automatic systems, adapting to growing production needs.

Icon representing speed

Up to 20 bags per minute (1200/hour)

Icon representing weight

From 5 to 50 kg (11 to 110 lb)

How we partner in your success

With over a century of expertise combining the strength of numerous legacy brands such as Chronos Richardson, STONEPAK, BTH BV, and Les Machineries Verville, Premier Tech has gained a reputation for providing outstanding, high-performing automated bagging systems.

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Partners all along

Partners through the entire process, from consulting and engineering to installation and training services.

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Testing before shipping

Rigorous system testing before shipment plus full installation and final system acceptance testing on-site.

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Leading-edge equipment

Innovation, research, and development are some of our key values, inspiring the design of leading-edge machines

Our customers

We specialize in providing packaging equipment and client solutions for nutrition, agriculture, organic, and industrial products. Here are some of the customers we’ve been privileged to serve. 

Complete your packaging line with palletizers

Boost the efficiency of your packaging line with an automatic palletizer. Ensure your goods arrive safe and secure with optimized, stable, consistent pallets.

Robotic palletizer stacking a row of cases on a pallet

Bagging scale discharding seeds into a bag

Streamline your workflow with bagging scales and volumetric feeders

Maximize bagging accuracy and efficiency with our high-performance weighing and feeding systems, which can be integrated with our automated bagging machines.

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