Since 1901, a vast expertise in valve bagging equipment has been developed, and will continue to provide a selection of innovative products under the name of Premier Tech.

The unification of STONEPAK and Premier Tech has led to a larger packaging expertise and an expanded range of services with a worldwide presence. The same dedicated people with even more resources remain in place to answer your questions and provide you with all the support you need.

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Workers manually bagging product in the early 1900s


Bates Valve Bag Company

In 1901, Bates established a valve bagging manufacturing plant in Nyack, New York. Bates was known to be specialize in packaging systems for cement, salt, and plaster.

Renowned for innovation, they transitioned from cotton to paper bags in 1925, a move driven by World War I's burlap shortage, offering cost efficiency, sanitation, and convenience.

St Regis Paper Company Logo


St. Regis Paper Company

In 1929, St. Regis Paper acquired Bates Nyack facility, aiming to expand into paper packaging markets. By 1932, St. Regis introduced multi-wall sewn paper bags, targeting the sugar industry, later aiding wartime efforts with gas decontamination bags.

Post-war, they entered the flour industry, solidifying their position in food packaging industry. In 1972, they moved the Equipment division in a new plant in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stone Container Corporation logo


Stone Container | Smurfit-Stone

Stone Container was a direct competitor of St. Regis since they were doing business in the paperboard and paper-based packaging industries. They acquired the Salt Lake City plant in 1985.

In 1998, Stone Container merged with the Ireland-based business Jefferson Smurfit, which gave birth to Smurfit-Stone.



STONEPAK, a Premier Tech Brand

In 2009, Premier Tech acquired all the assets from predecessors St. Regis and Smurfit-Stone, renowned for valve bag filling systems. This strategic move strengthened Premier Tech's industrial packaging presence.

The product line underwent rebranding as STONEPAK, paying tribute to the pioneers of valve bagging technology and honoring their legacy of innovation.

Premier Tech logo


Merging STONEPAK into Premier Tech's equipment portfolio

A few years after the acquisition of STONEPAK, Premier Tech integrated the valve bagging equipment into its equipment portfolio. Since then, the valve bagging lines manufactured in Salt Lake City have been branded as Premier Tech under the CHRONOS product line of the company.

The new Premier Tech facility in Wood Cross, Utah


Opening of our New Facility

In 2023, Premier Tech celebrated being 100 years young. Commemorating this milestone, the manufacturing team of Salt Lake City relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility, marking a new chapter in our enduring legacy.

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