We design equipment, such as net weigh scales, baggers, palletizers and stretch wrappers to help automate bag packaging lines for specific seeds and crops. What's more, with our unique knowledge of seeds and grains quality issues, we can also design facilities and processing and conditioning lines.


We offer equipment to help automate bagging and packaging operations for producers of food products such as flour, cereals, beverages, meat, and dairy foods. Our line can be equipped with net weigh scales, baggers, case packers, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers and stretch hooders.


We develop equipment to help automate flexible packaging lines for organic materials such as bark, peat moss, compost and mulch. We also provide peat bog and peat processing equipment such as harrows, vacuum harvesters, mixing lines, screening systems and balers.


We build equipment to help automate bagging and packaging operations for specific industrial products such as chemicals, insulation and minerals. Our lines can be equipped with weighing and feeding systems, bag fillers, balers, valve packers, palletizers, case packers, streth wrappers and stretch hooders.