Since 1957, vonGAL has been a pioneer in conventional palletizers and continues to provide a selection of innovative products and services under the brand name Premier Tech.

The union between vonGAL and Premier Tech has resulted in greater solutions expertise and a broader range of services to all customers. Our team members are committed to address your inquiries and provide you with all the support you require.

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Coca-Cola Bottling Co in Alabama

Early 1900's

Roots of vonGAL

The vonGAL story spans nearly 70 years, starting indirectly in 1903 when William and Walter Bellingrath acquired a Coca-Cola franchise in Montgomery, Alabama.

In 1941, George Edward vonGal Jr. married Suzanne Bellingrath, William Bellingrath’s daughter, sparking a remarkable success story in engineering. While working as the Plant Engineer at the Coca-Cola plant, Mr. vonGal drew inspiration from handling systems designed during World War II by the U.S. Army and adapted it for glass bottles in wooden crates. This would soon revolutionize the food and beverage industry's manufacturing processes.

The original vonGAL establishment


Palletizers Pioneers

George vonGal was one of the first to bring palletizers onto the market, establishing his business, vonGAL. His first and main clients in the beginning were Coca-Cola and other soft drink companies. Adopting this innovative equipment significantly boosted production, propelling these Coca-Cola operations to become part of the most successful in the Coca-Cola network. Mr. vonGal and his team applied for a patent for his palletizer design, solidifying vonGAL's position as one of the first manufacturers of conventional palletizers.

The first vonGAL palletizer in 1957


Acquisition by Litton Industries

After being first acquired by Litton Industries, the business went through various ownership changes during the next several decades (Western Atlas, and HK Systems), expanding its presence in the market and evolving into vonGAL Corporation under private ownership in 2005.

The vonGAL team joining Premier Tech in 2012


Integration with Premier Tech

In 2012, Premier Tech, a global leader in packaging equipment since 1989, recognized the value of conventional palletizers and the strength of the vonGAL legacy, integrating them into its portfolio. Emphasizing innovation as a core value, we acknowledge vonGAL's pioneering role in the evolution of case palletizers.

Premier Tech's Montgomery, Alabama new headquarters


New U.S. Headquarters

In 2023, Premier Tech established its U.S. Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, marking a significant milestone in vonGAL's journey of excellence in the packaging industry.

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