Pulses bagging machines

Trust Premier Tech for your pulse conditioning and packaging needs and experience the ultimate in quality, efficiency and reliability. We understand the importance of ensuring that your pulses are of the highest quality whether for edible product or seed selection to final packaging, and our expert team can deliver the best results for your operation, no matter the size.

Our cutting-edge mechanical and optical sorters are built for high-speed sorting, and we can apply any desired seed treatments with our advanced multicoater. For smooth packaging, our solution of combining a net weight scale, a high-speed open-mouth bagger, a hybrid bag palletizer, and a rotary arm stretch wrapper delivers an efficient process from start to finish.

Equipment we recommend

Packaging line for pulses

Complete line for corn, soybean, grass seeds, cereal grains and pulses


  1. Open-mouth bagger
  2. Hybrid palletizer
  3. Stretch wrapper

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