Compost bagging machines

Labour shortages combined with the need to increase production rates to meet rising demands create challenges for companies managing compost. Increasing workplace safety for employees is also a priority as compost is a heavy material, and difficult to move and stack.

Premier Tech provides complete lines for the compost industry including mixing and screening lines. These automated solutions reduce the need for physical manpower and are not only highly efficient but extremely safe, eliminating the need for strenuous human labour. Beginning with a choice of multiple stations and hoppers that can create different amendments to blend your ideal mix of compost, our equipment can prepare the material to be sent to bagging machines.

Our form, fill, and seal baggers are a commonly recommended solution and produce consistent, square bags. Palletizers are offered in fully automatic options and a stretch hooder provides a 100% waterproof solution for outside storage.

Equipment we recommend

Packaging line for compost

Complete line for compost and soil


  1. Form fill and seal bagger
  2. Conventional palletizer
  3. Stretch hooder

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Bioplant Case Study

“After the installation […] we saw an increase efficiency and production capacity of basically 200%”

Patrick Ferreira
Equipment Maintenance, Bioplant

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