YEAR ONE Program 


Installing a new machine is no easy task! This is why we offer immediate and direct support during the critical first year of operation to ensure a successful installation.

To do so, we've combined field service visits, training and parts solutions to ensure the first year of operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Client Services Year One
Year One timeline Premier Tech

The program consists of three visits set at critical milestones during this time, each with a set task list. The YEAR ONE support program will help your team understand the technical nuances of your equipment and ensure your put forth the best maintenance habits from the start.

Maximum productivity and reliability from the very beginning of any new installation 

1st Visit

One month post installation

Visits details

Your equipment is up and running, and your team members are becoming familiar with its operation and components. It is likely that your operators and maintenance personnel will experience a dip or plateau in their learning curve as they begin to know and work with the equipment. This will in turn result in a fluctuation in your production rates. The equipment will also need regular upkeep and begin to require preventive maintenance.

Visit tasklist: 

Equipment operation training and education about best practices 

Equipment tuning and optimization 

Maintenance follow-up and training 

Spare parts inventory review and recommendations 

Technical support contact information review  

2nd Visit

Six months post installation

Your equipment has now been running for a little while longer, and operations are running more smoothly. Your team members have accustomed themselves with the new automated processes and are ready to further their skills and knowledge of the equipment. You may also have new operators that need training. 

Visit tasklist: 

New operator training

Training needs assessment

Complete equipment inspection and tuning

Review of maintenance work done to date and preventive maintenance schedule

Spare parts inventory review and recommendations

Development and/or education on resolution methods of any possible operational issues

Identify and address any warranty-related issues

3rd Visit

Eleven months post installation

Your equipment has now been running for nearly a year, and operations are becoming routine. Your team members have accustomed themselves to the automated processes and have expanded their skills and knowledge of the equipment. It is important to identify next steps moving forward once the warranty is done to ensure your equipment continues to run efficiently for years to come.

Visit tasklist: 

New operator training

Development and implementation of solutions for any issues that may have come up

Complete equipment service and inspection with operational status report prior to warranty ending

Preventive maintenance schedule follow-up and review

Spare parts inventory review and recommendations

Review LIFECYCLE Support Program options moving forward after warranty period ends

What you will get out of a YEAR ONE Program

We want to ensure your new equipment is properly up and running, and that your team champions this new investment. Let’s make sure everyone is on the same page and that you make the most of your new production line.  

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Peace of mind

The YEAR ONE program was specifically designed to provide new equipment owners and those transitioning from manual processes to automation with assistance and guidance throughout the first year of operation of the new equipment – and to consequently remove all the guess work, fear and stress from the process.

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The program focuses on providing you with help and training during the transition period so that you can focus on maximizing performance from the moment your equipment is installed. We ensure your equipment reaches and maintains maximum productivity, and that your team members have the necessary training to operate it and perform the required maintenance.

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The program not only ensures that best practices and maximum productivity are attained early on during the transition period, but also helps you avoid simple mistakes and common issues, which can lead to costly breakdowns and subsequent production down time.

Interested in going beyond YEAR ONE?

Premier Tech has many after-sales services to ensure your equipment stays productive and reliable for years to come!