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Keeping innovation, research, and development as a major focus, Premier Tech strives to develop new products that enhance the efficiency and safety of your processing and packaging operations.

Front view of the CHRONOS OMP-2090 fully automatic bagger

A new fully automatic bagging machine for millers

Specially designed to handle flour, the CHRONOS OMP-2090-B offers high filling rates, minimal dust emissions, and clean packaging operations.

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Chronos VPF Series Valve Bag Air Packer

Accurate and clean bagging operations

Discover the CHRONOS VPF Series, a fully equipped air valve bag filling system that ensures precise dosing and clean filling of powders and granules.

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Upgraded for optimal performance

Committed to operational excellence, we continuously enhance our automation solutions to optimize performance and design and reduce overall maintenance.

Three vacuum valve bag fillers

Dust-free bagging of fine powders

With its new integrated aspiration system, the CHRONOS VPV Series Vacuum packer minimizes dust loss and effectively compacts products for optimal bagging.

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FST Series Tubular Form Fill and Seal Bagging Machine

Simplified packing of chemical products

The CHRONOS FST Series Tubular form fill and seal bagging machine is now easier to operate and maintain with high-quality components and an intuitive HMI.

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Optimal pallet load protection

Boasting a smaller footprint and enhanced film-handling capabilities, the updated CHRONOS LSH-1100 Stretch hooder can protect cases and mixed loads in addition to standard bag pallets.

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Stretch hooder hooding a pallet of mixed boxes

Reliable automatic bagging solution

With an upgraded robotic arm and frame, the CHRONOS OMR-1100 Bagging machine can easily handle heavier bags, providing a simple and low-maintenance solution for open-mouth bags.

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Robot inside the CHRONOS OMR bagging machine

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