CHRONOS OMP-2090 BOpen-mouth powder bagging machine

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Africa, Asia and Latin America

*Excluding Brazil and Japan

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This high-performance open-mouth bagging system efficiently fills 20-30kg bags with powders, making it ideal for wheat and maize flour*.

This new flour packaging machine achieves high filling rates while reducing dust emissions. The dosing system, a fusion of Premier Tech and Bühler's expertise, contributes to a clean, reliable and accurate bagging process that maintains product quality and integrity.

Economical and user-friendly, this open-mouth bagging equipment represents our most cost-effective powder bagging machine. It is an excellent choice for upgrading from traditional carousel baggers or automating manual packaging operations.

Speed: up to 15 bags per minute (900 per hour)*

Bulk materials: flour

Bag types: pillow and gusseted

Bag materials: paper and polywoven

Bag weight: from 20 to 30 kg (44 to 66 lb)*

* Depending on the application, bag characteristics, and machine configuration


Efficient and reliable

  • Equipped with twin-filling spouts and a net weigher with a double-screw feeder for rapid production
  • High and repeatable filling accuracy (50 grams @ 2 sigma)
  • Robust and ergonomic construction

Clean and safe

  • Detection system ensures proper bag placement on the spouts to prevent spills
  • Efficient dust collection reduces energy usage, product loss, and dust emissions.
  • Bag settling evenly distributes powders and removes excess air
  • Parts in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel and food approved materials

Ease of use

  • PLC with a user-friendly touchscreen operator interface for easy operation, troubleshooting, and error code reading
  • Excellent machine accessibility, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Two bag magazines with multiple stacks for increased operating autonomy and easy reloading


  • Automatic bag opening device designed to open partially sealed polywoven bags due to hot wiring cutting
  • Air cooling of the control cabinet
  • Compatible with bag sewing machines
  • Bag exit


Typical footprint 4500 mm L x 5500 mm W x 4500 mm H

Bag dimensions Width: 400 to 620 mm (15.75" to 24.5")
Length: 600 to 1100 mm ( 23.6" to 43.3")
Weight: 20 to 30 kg (44 to 66 lb)

Bag closing systems Plain sew, plain sew with a single fold, tape sew with crepe paper

Electrical requirements 380/400V - 50Hz - 3PH + N

Ambient temperature 40 °F to 95 °F / 5 °C to 35 °C

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