Palletizing equipment

Whether you want to increase your production capacity, improve working conditions and safety standards, or replace older units, Premier Tech is ready to respond with a machine that suits your needs.

We offer state-of-the-art, reliable robotic and conventional palletizing systems for various types of containers. Plus, our equipment can be adapted to various environments, whether cold, hot, harsh, or dusty.

Our expertise is founded on our concern not only for the safe and secure packing of products, but ultimately our desire to help customers reach their business goals. 


What automatic palletizers can do and handle

Our machines efficiently create optimized, stable, and consistent loads to protect your goods during transport or storage.

All type of containers

  • Bags: bags, bales, and bundles
  • Cases: cases, cartons boxes, totes, and trays
  • Other: bottles, cans, and jugs


  • Bags: up to 40 per minute (up to 2400 per hour)
  • Cases: up to 80 per minute (up to 4800 per hour)

Palletizing technologies

Robotic palletizers

Highly efficient and safe, our robotic palletizers can handle multiple SKUs and be adapted for various speeds and levels of automation.

Ideal for low to medium production capacity, they are known for high uptime and superior reliability.

Conventional palletizers

Our conventional palletizers are ideal for high-speed and high-volume operations with long production runs of the same product.

They are extremely safe and consistently produce stable, square, and high pallets.

Wondering how to choose the right palletizing system for your business?

Are robotic or conventional palletizers best for your operations? Knowing how many products you handle and what production rates you need to reach will help you select the appropriate technology.

TechnologiesRobotic palletizerConventional palletizer
ApplicationsCan handle virtually any type of product including bags, cases, pails, and drumsCan handle bags, bales, cases, boxes, trays, and other rigid containers
Speed and SKUsMultiple SKUs at lower speedSingle SKU at higher speed
VersatilityHigh flexibility
  • Can handle multiple products at once
  • Gripper adaptable to various container types and shapes
  • Can handle empty pallets and sheets
Limited flexibility
  • Can handle one product type at a time, but in larger quantities
  • Able to handle products of multiple sizes and weights
  • Can be enhanced to suit eventual speed requirements
Maintenance and trainingLow maintenance, but requires more specialized trainingSlightly more maintenance, but simpler to perform
Footprint and modularitySimilar footprint than conventional equivalent, but more modular and flexible depending on desired level of automation and plant layoutSimilar footprint than robotic equivalent, but limited modularity
PriceVaries mostly depending on the desired level of automation, type of product handled, and speedVaries mostly depending on desired speed

How we partner in your success

With over six decades of expertise and the combined strength of numerous legacy brands such as vonGal and Chronos Richardson, Premier Tech has gained a reputation for providing outstanding, high performing automated palletizers.

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Partners all along

Partners through the entire process, from consulting and engineering to installation and training services.

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Testing before shipping

Rigorous system testing before shipment plus full installation and final system acceptance testing on-site.

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Leading-edge equipment

Innovation, research, and development are some of our key values, inspiring the design of leading-edge machines

Our customers

We specialize in equipment and client solutions for nutrition, agriculture, organic and industrial products. Here are some of the customers we’ve been privileged to serve.

Complete your packaging line with pallet wrapping

Our range of palletizers can come as standalone equipment or complete lines. Ensure that your goods arrive safe and secure, while also protecting them from environmental risks.

Pallet hooder protecting a bag pallet load

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