Technical training

Premier Tech offers equipment training for your staff in a structured, hands-on setting, allowing you to make the most of your production lines.

Our on-site training can be used to onboard new operators or maintenance staff, or as continuing development for your current operators or maintenance team members.

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Technical training Premier Tech

Adaptable solutions

There are many specialized and extended training programs available that cover a wide array of topics.

For example, Premier Tech can provide you with instructor-led classroom training, hands-on training, or virtual training. 

We also have training documentation such as how-to videos and reference guides, e-learnings, virtual sessions, skills assessment tests as well as on-the-job training during production.  

These training programs cover areas such as operations, adjustments, maintenance, safety, hardware, control system, best practices, troubleshooting, etc. 

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  • Operation cycle
  • Overview of equipment modules
  • Safety devices and procedures
  • Operating controls
  • HMI interface and navigation
  • Operating procedures
  • Change-over
  • Daily inspections
  • Issues with and without alarms
  • Most common issues
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  • Maintenance best practices
  • Cleaning recommendations
  • Mechanical adjustments
  • Bagging/palletizing principles
  • Equipment settings
  • Interlocks
  • Recipe creation
  • Pattern modification
  • Robot modes and calibration
  • Advanced troubleshooting

What your team will learn:

Valuable knowledge to operate your equipment

Ability to resolve common and advanced issues

How to identify root causes of equipment downtime

Ability to achieve optimal equipment efficiency

How to properly and safely operate your equipment

What you will likely observe:

Faster learning curve and lower employee turnover

Increased equipment uptime

Maximization of equipment productivity

Less rejected product

Accident prevention

The importance of technical training 

We understand that automating your packaging lines is an important investment. This is why we want to ensure your staff has the knowledge and tools at hand to properly use your Premier Tech equipment.

Unplanned downtime is costly and can include: 

  • Inadequate maintenance 
  • Human error 
  • Mechanical or process failures 
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Client surveys show that the average downtime they experience is around 20 hours per month, with an average revenue loss ranging between $10,000 and $14,000 per hour.

In fact, 20% of the technical support calls we receive are due to lack of crew training.

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