Robotic palletizers

Boost your packaging line and improve the safety of your employees with advanced robotic palletizing equipment.

Whether your business uses bags, bales, bundles, cases, trays (or more!), we can engineer a robotic palletizing solution.

Depending on your budget and space constraints, we offer a selection of standard models as well as custom solutions. They can handle multiple SKUs and be adapted for various speeds and levels of automation to suit your needs and help your business succeed.

According to the layer pattern, palletizing robots move units from the infeed conveyor to their stacking position. They can also be programmed to handle empty pallets and slip sheets.

They constantly produce stable loads directly on the floor or conveyors for increased capacity and automation.

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Our robotic palletizers

Our palletizers are manufactured locally, and offerings vary by region.

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Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
RPL-4000 Series

High-performant palletizing robot

  • Offers the highest level of automation. The assigned pallet and sheet handling systems allow the robotic arm to focus on palletizing, thereby increasing throughputs.
  • Handles bags, bales, bundles, cases, trays, and totes.
From 20 to 80 units/minute
Robotic palletizer RPL-4111 CAD
Icon New Product
RPM Series

Mixed case palletizing solution

  • Assembles pallets out of various SKUs of different sizes and weights automatically, easing warehouse order picking.
  • Handles cases.
Customizable speeds
Mixed-case palletizer
RPL Series

Robot palletizer for bags

  • Combines innovative engineering with our leading-edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for various palletizing applications.
  • Handles bags, bales, and bundles.
Up to 30 bags/minute
Robotic palletizer with bags - RPL Series

High-speed bag palletizing robot

  • One of the fastest robotic bag palletizers available for the organic market. Its optimized layout makes it an excellent alternative to a conventional palletizer.
  • Handles bags.
Up to 25 bags/minute
robotic bag palletizer
RPL-2000 Series

Fully automatic palletizing robot

  • Leverages the robotic placement of pallets, sheets, and units, eliminating the need for additional equipment and maximizing floor space.
  • Handles bags, bales, bundles, cases, trays, and totes.
14 to 80 units/minute
Robotic case palletizing machine - Model RPL-2311
RPL-1000 Series

Entry-level palletizing robot

  • The most simple and economical palletizing system, with manual pallet placement and retrieval from the floor.
  • Handles bags, bales, bundles, cases, trays, and totes.
Up to 20 units/minute
Robotic palletizer for bags RPL-1112
RPL-9000 Series

Custom robotic palletizing system

  • Offers complete control of speed and layout configuration to suit any application our standard cells cannot meet.
  • Handles virtually any application.
Customizable speed
Robotic customizable palletizer
RPW Series

Robotic palletizer with stretch wrapper

  • Combines two essential end-of-line technologies: a flexible robotic palletizing cell and a turntable stretch wrapper.
  • Handles bundles and cases
Up to 24 units/minute
Robotic palletizer & wrapper RPW Series CAD

Hybrid robotic palletizer

  • Combines the versatility and agility of a robotic arm and its end-effector to palletize bags with the speed of a conventional palletizer.
  • Handles bags and bundles.
Up to 24 bags/minute
Hybrid Palletizer APR-1150 CAD

Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our robotic palletizing lines have been finetuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.

 Hybrid palletizer APR-1150 - gripper closeup

Versatile end effectors

Our vast selection of flexible and durable end-of-arm tools ensures the proper handling of your product.


Flexible layouts

Thanks to our strong history of engineering expertise, we can configure robotic systems that maximize space, considering the constraints of your area.

Robot palletizer stacks bags on a pallet

Reliable robots

Our longstanding partnership with world-class robotic producer FANUC means that all equipment meets rigorous safety standards and requires very little maintenance.

Icon reliability

Low maintenance equipment

Robotic palletizers are extremely reliable and require much less energy than conventional palletizers. Plus, with few moving parts, there is less need for regular maintenance.

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

Our robotic palletizers are controlled via PLC and can store multiple layer patterns via an intuitive HMI. The simple touchscreen allows even novice users to perform quick changeovers and layer configurations.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our lines come equipped with the latest in safety features:

  • Safety fences
  • Light curtains
  • Doors with trapped key interlocking
  • Collision guard software
  • Emergency-stop buttons
Fanuc's palletizing vision system

Additional available features

We care about making your palletizing line as functional as possible, offering a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs.

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