Wood pellets bagging machines

Packaging wood pellets in a way that is both secure and efficient can become a challenge in today’s market, where labour shortages are common. Additionally, making a clean pallet that’s square and fits into a truck for easy transportation is in high demand.

Premier Tech brings the power of automation to packaging and palletizing wood pellets. Starting with a net weight scale, wood pellets are weighed for each bag and fed into a form, fill, and seal bagger.

Commonly, packagers choose a robotic palletizing solution for full ease in stacking and palletizing and also opt for a stretch hooder, which provides a 100% waterproof covering option for outside storage.

Equipment we recommend

Packaging line for wood pellets

Complete line for wood pellets


  1. Form fill and seal bagger
  2. Robotic palletizer
  3. Stretch hooder

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Case study

Complete packing line for wood pellets