Rugged and precise bulk bag filling machines

Whether you need to store or process large quantities of bulk material, transfer them to smaller packages, or contain the final product before shipment, we can provide a bulk bag filler that meets your needs.

Our bulk bag filling machines can handle up to 4,400 lb of powders, granules, flakes, or pellets. Compared to manual filling, they significantly save time and labor. Our machine can be customized with various automation levels and can be enhanced with additional bulk bag handling equipment.

With the technical expertise gained through our legacy brands, Kockums Bulk Systems, and B.A.G. Equip., we support businesses in the food, feed, chemicals, minerals, seeds, and organics industries to streamline their operations.

An empty pallet is placed on the bagger's platform via forklift or conveyor. The operator places the FIBC bag on the filling head, and the big bag filler dispenses the material, often using a weight controller for accurate filling.

Once the filling is complete, the operator ties up the bag before further processing or shipment.


Our bulk bag fillers

Our bulk bag filling machines are manufactured locally, and offerings vary by region.

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Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
FBL Series

Hygenic bulk bag filling machine

  • Offers a clean and dust-controlled bagging process with different configurations and automation levels to suit your needs.
  • Built in Asia and Europe.
Up to 40 bags/hour
Icon Medal Bestselling equipment
FBL Series

Bulk bag filler

  • Heavy-duty, simple, and economical filling and weighing system that comes in different configurations and automation levels.
  • Built in North America.
Up to 30 bags/hour
Bulk bag filling machine FBL Series CAD

Big bag filling carousel

  • Designed for products requiring densification or compaction, this high-speed filling system features three dedicated stations to prepare, fill, and discharge the bags.
Up to 60 bags/hour
Bulk bag filler

Bulk bag filling station

  • Offers optimal weight accuracy and simple operation. It features a single filling station with fixed hooks, manual empty pallet handling and an automatic exit conveyor.
Up to 15 bags/hour
Big bag filling machine FBL-2315 CAD

Jumbo bag filling machine

  • Economical and easy to use, this entry-level bag filler features a single filling station with arm-type bag support and manual empty pallet handling. Its low-profile fits in low head-room application.
Up to 15 bags/hour
Bulk bag filler FBL-1211 CAD

Semi-automatic bulk bag filling system

  • High-speed bag filler equipped with a sliding carriage to load bulk bags quickly and easily, as well as an automatic pallet dispenser and exit conveyor.
Up to 35 bags/hour

Manual big bag filler

  • A single operator can complete the entire filling process from one location, with the pallet handled by a forklift truck.
Up to 25 bags/hour
manual bulk bag filler

Bulk bag packing machine

  • This entry-level bagging machine is compact, economical, easy to use, and equipped with simple operator controls.
Up to 10 bags/hour

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Features that have earned the trust of industries around the globe

Our bulk bag fillers have been finetuned over many years and provide proven and dependable service.

SpeedAc iQ weigher interface close up

Highly accurate and precise weighing

Our bulk bag fillers boast exceptional precision, up to +/- 0.2% accuracy in packed weight. This is achieved by controlling the product flow rate combined with advanced weighing technologies.

Bulk bag filled on a filling platform

Varying levels of automation

Depending on your needs, operators may manually handle tasks such as moving pallets and placing bags, or you can opt for additional automation features like a pallet dispenser with infeed and outfeed conveyors.

View of a spout filling a big bag with bulk materials

Clean operations

Our bulk bag fillers are designed to minimize dust emission and prevent cross-contamination with stainless-steel contact surfaces and collection ports that contribute to a clean environment.

Icon reliability

Heavy-duty design

The hydraulic-free, simple, and rugged design of our bulk baggers ensures easy and cost-effective operations.

These machines feature a heavy-duty lift and weighing frame, making them easy to use and maintain.

Icon Usability

Intuitive and easy to operate

The operator platform's proximity to the filling station allows for easy access to the bag hooks.

These bag filling machines are controlled via a PLC with a user-friendly HMI.

Icon safety

Held to the highest safety standards

Our bulk bag filling equipment can be equipped with the latest in safety features:

  • Dust collection ports
  • Emergency-stops
  • Light curtains
  • Safety fences
  • Performance Level D compliance
Automatic pallet dispenser for bulk bag filling

Additional available features

We care about making your bulk bag filling line as functional as possible, offering a selection of integrations to meet your specific needs.

  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • Bag inflation and controlled dedusting to ease the filling process
  • Densification systems to improve stability and handling
  • Bulk/dribble feeding devices
  • Filling spout/hooks height adjustment
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Checkweigher

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