In 2018, Premier Tech acquired Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering, now Premier Tech Manufacturing B.V, a Netherlands-based business specializing in manufacturing steel and stainless-steel parts for OEMs since 1997.

This strategic acquisition enabled Premier Tech to leverage the expertise and know-how of nearly 70 professionals, enhancing the conception of its high-quality industrial equipment and expanding its European footprint.

Premier Tech and Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering share a common goal: to help their clients succeed in their markets by creating a unique client experience through a strong and qualified supply chain, without ever compromising on product quality.

Swabo Machinebow & Toelevering Logo

Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering's field of expertise

Metal sheets manufactured into parts

Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering is a mechanical engineering company specializing in the manufacturing of metal sheets and components for industrial customers, producing a range from individual pieces to medium-sized series.

Their mission is to offer and manufacture a wide range of steel and stainless-steel products and produce machine parts for various applications.

With a team of skilled technical employees and advanced machinery, they provide a comprehensive range of products with most manufacturing disciplines remaining in-house. This approach enhances quality control and expertise within the business.

Need assistance with your Swabo products?

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