PRAIRIE SCP-2100Robotic nut sorting machine

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Canada & USA

Your quality assurance starts here. The PRAIRIE SCP-2100 nut sorting equipment automates the final sorting process of nuts, including almonds and pecans.

This patented technology uses AI and computer vision to scan each nut for the desired grading quality. It quickly and efficiently removes foreign materials and defective nuts at high capacity.

Any rejected material is automatically sorted into different streams for easy repurposing, ensuring a swift return on investment. This nut sorting machine not only enhances precision but also provides advanced quality control data for real time reporting.

Speed: up to 5000 lbs per hour*

Applications: tree nuts

*Depending on product type and characteristics


Optimal sorting precision

  • Achieves 99% precision, rejecting only defective nuts to minimize waste
  • High-definition cameras scan each nut, identifying defects instantly
  • Product hopper and vibratory feeder maintain a constant and stable product flow
  • Second inspection conveyor enhances overall accuracy

Increased reliability

  • Removes up to 350 contaminants per minute
  • Operates 24/7 across 3 shifts daily
  • Reduces labor costs and improves workplace safety
  • Automatically generates batch reports for processed nuts

Simple operation

  • User-friendly interface to quickly adjust grading and defect thresholds
  • "Plug and play" concept for minimal start-up time
  • Easy access on both sides for maintenance and cleaning


  • Separation of rejects into different categories and bins
  • Customizable defects conveying options
  • Control of infeed or outfeed conveyors

Flexible grading powered by AI

The nut sorting equipment considers color, shape, insect damage, texture, and uniformity when separating rejects into different streams.

The AI-powered optical sorting robot can adapt to new defects, ensuring ongoing improvement.


Typical size of rejects: Up to 1.5 in (38 mm) depending on product

Electrical requirements: 460V / 3Ph / 60 Hz (other voltages available)

Operating temperature: 40 °F to 105 °F / 5 °C to 40 °C

* Flexible depending on product characteristics and machine configuration

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