CHRONOS APL-5240Low-level palletizer

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Canada & USA, Latin America and Oceania

The APL-5240, is a low-level palletizing machine, ideal for warehouses with low ceilings. It automates the heavy-lifting and repetitive motions related to manual operation to improve productivity and decrease work-related injuries.

Its rugged frame offers steady and reliable performance when stacking your products.

Speed: up to 35 units per minute

Applications: cases, boxes, pails, totes, and bundles

Features and benefits

Convenient palletizing machine

Previously known as vonGal’s Lopal, the APL-5240’s design conveniently connects to waist high conveyors. The on-floor operations allow for easy activity monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance without the need to climb on top of a machine.

The equipment can be installed quickly and is engineered to be energy efficient and operate quietly. The rugged and durable construction allows for long-term reliability.

  • No excavation or special foundation is required
  • Automatic pallet dispenser to reduce human intervention when positioning pallets
  • Numerous product infeed configurations adapted to your plant layout
  • Heavy-duty elevator to handle layers up to 700 lb

Easy to operate palletizer

The intuitive and simple touchscreen controller uses 3D images to enable workers of all skill levels to operate the equipment proficiently.

Users can add new recipes or create and edit existing ones within minutes. The machine software also easily adapts to changing production demands or future products.

Safer working environment

The case palletizer produces stable and sturdy loads to prevent shipping damages and reduce injuries associated with manual labor. The heavy-duty components handle products with ease, consistency, accuracy, and repeatability, while increasing uptime and efficiency.

The APL-5240 complies with Category 3, Performance Level D standards to keep employees safe and productive.

  • Minimize handling impacts and provide gentle motions
  • Safety features include:
    • Fences
    • Light curtains
    • Emergency stop buttons
    • Interlocking trapped key
    • Fail-safe brake on the layer elevator

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How the APL-5240 palletizer works

Conventional case palletizer APL-5240 Premier Tech
  1. The operator selects the pattern or SKU on the touchscreen. 
  2. A pallet is automatically lowered from the dispenser and conveyed to its stacking position. 
  3. Products enter the machine via a waist high conveyor where a pacing conveyor spaces each unit. They are oriented and positioned in a row according to the selected pattern. 
  4. Once a row is formed, the row pusher gently transfers it to the layer elevator. 
  5. When the layer is completed, the elevator raises above the load to gently deposit products.  
  6. As the plate retracts, a rear bar holds units in place to ensure each layer is centered on the pallet. If required, compression bars can center and stabilize each layer to prevent mishandling during shipping. 
  7. Once the load is completed, the pallet is conveyed out of the build zone, and the palletizer begins to stack the next pallet.


Additional options

The APL-5240 can be equipped with various options to fit your specific palletizing requirements.

  • Slip sheet or top sheet dispenser to stabilize loads
  • Compression bars to center and stabilize each layer
  • Lift-up rake to optimize speed
  • Full-load discharge conveyor
  • Elevating piers to match existing conveyors

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