CHRONOS BFL SERIESHigh-precision open-mouth bagger for powders

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Africa, Asia, Canada & USA, Europe, Latin America and Oceania

The BFL Series is an automatic open-mouth bagging equipment designed for quick and precise dosing of powders.

The patented powder bagging machine fills bags from bottom to top, reducing dust emission and keeping product aeration to a minimum, which is ideal when packing flour or other powdery products. The filling is done in two distinct steps, coarse and top-up fine filling, to reach target weights quickly and accurately.

The innovative dust-free bagging process is highly safe for operators. It is simple and intuitive to use and requires little maintenance. It offers a short payback period and 3X less product giveaway than any other technology on the market.

Speed: up to 20 bags per minute (1200 per hour)

Bulk materials: powders and fine powders

Bag types: gusseted, gusseted flat bottom, and pillow

Bag materials: paper, PE, and woven PP

Bag weight: 22 to 110 lb (10 to 50 kg)



  • The powder bagging machine combines a gross weigh scale for precise dosing (up to 25 grams @ 2 sigma)
  • No filling fluctuations
  • Limits the amount of air that enters the bag

Highly performant

  • 98% uptime at maximum output rates
  • Servo motors control the equipment’s main components, allowing for speed, repeatability, and reliability
  • Quick bag changeovers with automatic adjustments to adapt to many bag sizes

Hygienic and safe

  • Centralized dust collection ducting for greater cleanliness and easy installation
  • Enclosed environment to reduce foreign object contamination and human contact
  • Parts in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel
  • Main frame structure is made of welded structural steel
  • Access doors fitted with safety switches
  • Ergonomic bag magazine
  • Designed under NFPA standards to control explosion hazards (ATEX and IECEX versions available)


  • Customized in-feed system
  • Vacuum lance
  • Bag top de-aeration and alignment for consistent seals
  • Compatible with any bag-closing equipment
  • Pinch bags top flap folding
  • Filled bag turners (kicker, inline, etc.)
  • Printing and tagging integration
  • Flattening press and metal detector
  • Food-grade construction
  • Upgrade available to 3A sanitary standards
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system


Typical footprint: from 159"–229" L x 142" W x 228"–234" H (4040–5815 x 3605 x 5790–5945 mm)1

Bag dimensions: from 12–22" W (300–560 mm) x 23–40" L (580–1000 mm)

Bag magazine capacity: up to 500 bags2

Electrical requirement: 460 V / 3Ph / 60 Hz, 120 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz

Operating temperature: 40 °F to 95 °F / 5 °C to 35 °C

1 Depending on the model
2 Depending on the model, bag thickness, and number of bag piles


To reach your desired outputs, the BFL high-precision series comes in two models, single or double filling spout.

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"The Premier Tech in the long term is going to influence us to actually be able to sell a lot more volume, take on more customers, and be able to sustain putting out that much product."

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Assistant Warehouse Supervisor, North Dakota Mills

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