Retrofits for PTK Series

Your high-speed open-mouth baggers can benefit from retrofits that reduced equipment maintenance, improve overall performance and include the latest design.

PTK Series – High-Speed Open-Mouth Baggers
PTK Series-Retrofit-Bag placer retrofit

Bag placer retrofit

Upgrade your bagging equipment

The new bag placer with flange bearings is a complete module replacement equipped with the latest design. The new upgrade’s design no longer contains any spherical bearings and the gripper mechanism has been simplified and all pivot ends have been improved.

Retrofit main benefits

  • New design
  • Upgraded module
  • Reduced maintenance


PTK Series Retrofits Blower Replacement by Venturi Units

Blower replacement by venturi units

Improve your bagging equipment

This new retrofit replaces the existing vacuum blowing system by Venturi suction cups. These improve bag picking and opening and the new aspiration tubes are more flexible with a new top and bottom opener.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Improved vacuum performance
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced maintenance


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