Bulk bag filling machine

BBF Series | FIBC Baggers

Bulk bag filling machine
    Production Rate Up to 40 BPH (1,000 kg bulk bag size)
    Bag materials Polypropylene
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    The BBF SERIES Bulk Bag Filling Systems are heavy-duty, simple and economical semi-automatic filling and weighing systems for “flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC or Big Bags)” based on 3 standard modules. They are designed for bagging large quantities of bulk materials. As the application range is very diverse, systems are tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements. The BBF systems can be used in the Food, Feed, Chemicals and Minerals industries. Outputs can vary depending on the packing solution being supplied. The standard layout (filling in an upright position) typically consists of a platform weigher, telescopic filling head system and roller conveyor.  The BBF SERIES covers a weighing range for capacities from 500 up to 1,500 kg per bag. Its output is up to 40 bags per hour, each containing 1,000 kg. The modular design facilitates the combination of the basic module with additional equipment.

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    • Dust controlled bagging
    • Easy and user-friendly adjustment of different bag sizes
    • Minimum installation effort required
    • Maintenance-friendly construction
    • Ergonomic design for enhanced working environment
    • Economic and environmentally friendly system due to the possibility of re-using bags


    • Empty pallet magazine with in feed roller conveyor
    • Protection fence for empty pallet magazine
    • Operator platform
    • Out feed roller conveyor with anti-collision protection and induction loop