Do you wish to further develop your technical skills, to better operate Premier Tech equipment and perform preventive maintenance?

Premier Tech’s e-learning platform offers numerous virtual training options to enhance operator and maintenance staff skills on Premier Tech equipment.

Skills assessment

These skills assessments evaluate the technical skills of operators and maintenance staff via an online test, in order to better identify their training needs.

Operator test

Target audience: Operators of Premier Tech equipment

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Maintenance test

Target audience: Maintenance staff

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Individual online training modules

Deepen your knowledge of operations and maintenance of Premier Tech equipment online, at your own pace.

Premier Tech equipment modules

Learn more about Premier Tech equipment, including its design, function, operation, recommended maintenance and troubleshooting with our online training modules.

Target audience: Operators and maintenance staff

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Technical skills modules

Electrical, Mechanical, Automation, Pneumatic, Hydraulics, Robotics

Complete these training modules and learn to read plans, navigate through programs and familiarize yourself with the most commonly used components.

Target audience: Operations, maintenance, and engineering teams

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Live virtual trainings

During live virtual trainings, interact with our experts to learn more about Premier Tech equipment and improve your technical skills.

Live virtual training

Learn more about electricity, automation, robotics, mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics as well as to read blueprints, navigate programs and become familiar with the most commonly used components.

Benefit from the presence of our experienced instructor to discuss and answer your specific questions about Premier Tech equipment modules and components to optimize production.

Target audience: Operations, maintenance, and engineering teams

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