Bagging scale

Manual bagger with gross weigher

CHRONOS | E55-MB Gross Weigh Series


    Main benefits



    High accuracy thanks to the user-friendly weight controller.



    Adapts to all our possibilities of feeding devices.

    cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Low-cost option and affordable bagging scale solution.

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    The E55-MB Gross Weigh SERIES is a manual bagging system equipped with electronic gross weighing system to meet international standards and provide high accuracy and reliability. The simple construction and sturdy design ensure safe and accurate operation. It is designed to operate in a wide range of industries such as food, feed, chemicals and building materials. The system can be equipped with a range of feeding devices (high-speed or standard gravity, belt, screw and vibratory feeder). The system uses our advanced weighing controller SpeedAC NXT.

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    Bulk materials


    • Clean and dust-controlled operation
    • User-friendly weighing controller (SpeedAC NXT) with multiple display screens
    • Upper part of the bagging spout suspended from the load cells
    • Automatic zero correction, material-in-flight compensation, and selection of the desired time or weight in dribble flow rate
    • Manual operation of the bag clamp by means of a pair of pneumatic push buttons with safety controls
    • Rigid support structure in welded steel


    • Diverse range of feeding devices
    • High-speed or standard gravity, belt, screw and vibratory feeder