Manual Bagging Machines

Thanks to its deep knowledge in the field of bagging scales, Premier Tech is one of the most important manufacturers of manual bagging machines for bags heavier than 5 kg. Its wide range of manual bagging machines can use either net weigh or gross weigh scales depending on your needs. Premier Tech's manual bagging machines can also handle a variety of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.

Premier Tech's manual bagging machines are adapted bag packaging solutions for smaller productions or for companies that want to minimize the investment. Thanks to the versatility of our scales, our manual bagging machines can eventually be upgraded to fully automatic bagging machines if needed. Consequently, manual bagging machines can be a very good investment for companies that expect growth. No matter the scope of your project, Premier Tech can provide you with a manual bagging machine that will perfectly fit your needs.

E-55 MB Series

Manual bagging scale

  • For powders, granular products, large particles and flakes
Up to 20 BPM
Manual bagger with nett weigher - OMS Series
VF MB Series

Manual bagger with volumetric feeder

  • For fibrous products, flakes and large particles such as mulch, peat moss, compost, rocks, etc.
Up to 35 BPM
Manual bagger with volumetric feeder

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