Mixing Equipment

With its brand Slootweg, Premier Tech is a specialist in delivering mixing equipment for the substrates and wood-processing industries. The product line includes liquid fertilizer and wetting agent spraying systems, volumetric and weighing feeders, hoppers, a wide range of mixers, bulk conveyors mills and more. For dosing applications Premier Tech has extensive experience in gravimetric and volumetric weighing.

Bulk conveyor

  • Conveys bulk materials such as peat moss, soil, sand, etc.

Drum mixers, paddle mixers, in-line mixers and batch mixers

  • Mixes free-flowing materials such as soil, peat moss, etc.
Spraying system

Liquid fertilizer and wetting agent spraying systems

  • Dosing devices add water-soluble fertilizers or wetting agents to growing media
Liquid fertilizer and wetting agent spraying systems

Volumetric and weighing feeders

  • Incorporates additives into organic mixes
Volumetric and weighing feeders

Volumetric hopper

  • Adds a product on a mixing line or feeds a bagging machine
Volumetric hopper

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