Over the years, Premier Tech's (PT) products earned worldwide recognition because of their durability and reliability. In fact, most of the time, machines built by our team will run for several decades after they have been installed. Such quality equipment is the result of our engineering team’s creativity and tireless effort to design better machines to fulfill our customer’s growing needs. Our passion for innovation and our desire to develop new technologies are the reason why our PT machines are constantly being upgraded. 

Retrofitting technologies

Most of the new technologies we develop for our latest machines can be retrofitted which means that they can be installed on our older models. In other words, PT equipment built and installed years ago can benefit, just like the most recent ones, from our latest innovations. Our desire to offer nothing but the best led us to set up a dedicated engineering team specialized in updating and optimizing our client’s current packaging lines. They are equipment optimizing experts.

What is equipment rebuilding?

Basically, equipment rebuilding is the refurbishment of a machine in operation to restore it to its original condition. This operation addresses every aspects of the machine and involves the replacement of all its original components. Equipment rebuilding is a great option for clients who have owned PT machines for years because it significantly extends its useful life and decreases its maintenance costs. Once this process is completed, clients who took advantage of this service will have at their disposal a machine in near-mint condition that will work for years to come.

The equipment rebuilding process

First of all, the equipment rebuilding process begins with the analysis of the client’s machine’s performances and an evaluation of its overall condition by one of our experts. Following his visit, he will produce a report describing with precision the machine’s current condition. According to its machine’s needs, the client will then choose between partial or complete equipment rebuild. He will also have the possibility to add new features to upgrade his machine even more. Once the client has determined exactly what will be the extent of the work to be accomplished, two options will be proposed to him. He can either be assisted by one of PT’s service technicians to oversee and support the reconditioning process or he can let PT’s team take care of the whole operation. Once these preliminary steps are completed, the equipment rebuilding process can begin. According to the amount of work that must be done, this operation may take a few hours or a few days to be completed. It’s also worth mentioning that the whole rebuilding is done directly at the client’s workplace.

Our team at your service

Contact our customer service about our equipment rebuilding program. We are certain it will increase your machine’s performances, extend its useful life and diminish its maintenance costs. Once it is completed, we are convinced you will agree with us when we say that it is truly a worthwhile investment.

Here is an example of robotic palletizer rebuilding.

• Complete evaluation of its overall condition.

• Partial or complete disassembling of the machine.

• Identify the components that must be changed. 

• Preliminary analysis of the engines’ condition. 

• Reassembling the machine according to its characteristics.  

• Lubrication and reconditioning.

• If needed, assistance from our team to reinstall the machine.

• If needed, engines, wiring, or any other parts replacement.

• Assistance to get the machine back to work