Valve bag sealer

Conveyor mounted ultrasonic sealer

Up to 20 BPM

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The Conveyor Mounted Ultrasonic Sealer Models 2001/2002 are a patented positive valve bag sealing means that uses ultrasonic energy, not heat, for a cleaner weld and no product degradation. They are designed to seal a wide variety of products in valve bags, and work with Premier Tech air, auger and impeller packers.

The Model US2001 ultrasonic sealer is a single deck “in-line” machine that seals 8 to 10 bags a minute in the conveyor line . The Model US2002 ultrasonic sealer is a higher speed, double-deck version with two sealers stacked one on top of the other.  A bag diverter alternately sends the bags to the upper and lower sealer decks.  Sealing rates of up to 20 bags a minute are attainable with the Model US2002.

The US2001 and US2002 in-line valve sealers use ultrasonic energy to displace product from the seal area of extended sleeved valve bags and weld the sealable sleeve. The sealed bag is immediately released to a downstream conveyor.

The US2001 and US2002 use the same rugged PINSONIC Ultrasonic components used in the other models of Premier Tech Ultrasonic sealers.

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Ultrasonic sealing method - no heat used

High speed unit for multiple packers

Low cost valve sealing

Minimum floor space requirement

Rugged PINSONIC type Ultrasonic Components


Choice of Lexan (plexiglass) or perforated steel guard material

Easy Adjust Side Former - enables valve bag size adjustments to be made without hand tools

Power Lock Down Easy Adjust Side Push - allows adjustment to be made without opening the guard door