EM-2000 Series

Large size baler

Up to 24 BPH
Large size baler

Main benefits


Only requires one operator to install the empty bag and one lift truck operator to pick up the finished bale on the outfeed conveyor.

Cost efficiency

Producing watertight bales, it offers long lasting packaging, protecting the product and lowering waste.


Delivers high-production rates.

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The EM-2000 Series large size baler is a semi-automatic system specially designed to produce very large size peat moss bales (up to 300 ft3, or 8.5 m3). Instead of stretch-wrapping the product, like the current technology on the market does, this baling equipment uses pre-made plastic bags, resulting in a much nicer-looking bale that is definitely easier to handle. 

Bulk materials

Our customers


Produces watertight bales of a regular shape

One-man operation

Improves finished bale appearance thanks to the printing possibilities on pre-made bags

Produces long-lasting packaging (more than two years)

Facilitates removal of product from the bag, even in freezing conditions


Motorized pallet dispenser and palletizing system

Adaptor for smaller bale size

Centralized dust collection ports

This equipment is adapted for

Lawn and garden