S1000 Series

Bulk bag loader

Up to 15 BPH
Bulk Bag Filler | Big Bag Filler

Main benefits

Design quality

The effective design of the dual-wall filling tubes and the dust collection port ensure a clean working environment.


Quick and simple bag loading allows for great production rates.


The unitized frame provides superior scale protection and accuracy, and allows for an easy and inexpensive installation.

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The Bulk Bag Loader Model S1000 is an effective and rugged means to fill FIBC Bulk Bags.  The S1000 offers both excellent weight accuracy and simple operation.  It is designed to fill and weigh products that need settling for a compact stable FIBC Bulk Bag, such as powders, flakes, pellets, and granules with a particle size of 3/8”.

The bag is filled in a hanging position, and is lowered for settling.  Low frequency, high amplitude settling removes the angle of product repose, de-aerates the product, and provides a tight package.  Settling is Programmable for up to four settling cycles during fill.

The S1000 Bulk Bag Filler offers quick and simple powered adjustment to set the machine for any bag height within the filler’s range.

Bulk and dribble flow cycles provide bag weights within +/- 2 pounds for most products.

Bulk materials

Bag types

Our customers


Product applications: concrete mixes, gypsum, resins, phosphates, flour, starch, powdered sugar, dextrose, etc.

Rugged heavy duty lift and weighing frame

Four tension load cells with signal combiner

Microcomputer based Weight Controller provides accurate set points

PLC controls allow up to four “Intermediate” settling cycles of bag during filling

Dual-wall filling spout with inflatable sealer and dust collection port

Air filter/regulator with lockable shutoff valve

Powered jogger settler

Hi-amplitude low frequency pneumatic settling


Bulk dribble product feed devices available for maximum accuracy

FIBC bulk bag liner pre-inflating blower

Automatic release bag lift hooks

Powered conveyor deck

Powered take-away/bag tie-off conveyor

Construction for dust explosion hazard areas

Dual electrical settling motors