E-55 MB Series

Manual bagging scale

Up to 20 BPM
Manual bagger with nett weigher

Main benefits


High accuracy thanks to the user-friendly weight controller.


Adapts to all our possibilities of feeding devices.

Cost efficiency

Low-cost option and affordable bagging scale solution.

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The E-55 Series Manual bagging scale is a state-of-the-art electronic net or gross weighing system designed to be used as a bagging station in combination with bag clamps, a closing system and a conveyor. The simple and sturdy design of this manual bagger ensures a safe operation while the advanced weight controller (SpeedAC NXT) provides high accuracy. The E-55 Manual Baggers, designed to handle a wide variety of products, offer five possibilities of feeding devices (gravity, gravity-vibratory, belt, screw and vibratory feeders) for unmatched flexibility. 

Bulk materials

Bag types

Our customers


High accuracy thanks to the user-friendly weight controller (SpeedAC NXT)

Simple construction and rugged design for long-term reliability

Enclosed design with removable doors providing easy access into the machine


Round dust-tight manual bag holding system (dusty applications)

V-shaped bag holding system for fast empty bag feeding (granular applications)