PTF Series

High precision open-mouth bagger

Up to 20 BPM with 12 kg (25 lb)
High precision open-mouth bagger

Main benefits

Cost efficiency

Major payback with 3X less product giveaway using a dust-free bagging process.


Risk-free for operators’ safety in low dust environment.


Optimal OEE with up to 98% uptime at maximum output rates.

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The PTF Open-Mouth Bagger is an automatic dual-spout system designed for quick and precise dosing of powders including a dust control system providing great cleanliness.

This bottom-up innovative filling system avoids free falling of the product since the vertical auger automatically fills the bag from bottom to top. The bag lowers as it fills thereby the auger is always close to the product line, reducing dust emission to a minimum.  The filling is done in two distinct steps: coarse and top-up fine filling allowing rapid and accurate target weights.

The PTF open-mouth bagger offers a simple and intuitive mode of operation which requires low maintenance while attaining precision and constancy standards.

Bulk materials

Bag types

Client success

"The Premier Tech in the long term is going to influence us to actually be able to sell a lot more volume, take on more customers and be able to sustain putting out that much product."

Our customers


Multi-pile bag magazine

Total control of the bags throughout the entire cycle

Quick bag-size changeover

User-friendly HMI

Optimal cycle programming for high-speed production

Multiple dust aspiration ports

Outfeed conveyor with automatic motorized height adjustment

Variable frequency drives (VFD) and servo on key movements for smooth operation and longer life span

Main frame structure made of welded structural steel

Ergonomic bag magazine to ease the empty bags loading

Detection system to check if the bag is correctly placed onto the spout to avoid product spillage

Access doors are fitted with safety switches which automatically switch off the bagger


Complete catwalk

Top-up station

Bag top alignment

Single or dual spout filling system