Auger Packer

Auger valve bag filler

Up to 4 BPM for the 987 model
Up to 3 BPM for the 988-NXT model
Auger Valve Bag Filler

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The Auger Valve Bag Filler Family from Premier Tech provides high speed delivery of product into bags, with precise weight control and easy operation.  The auger is designed to provide minimum aeration of product with consistent product flow and clean operation.  An optional agitator assists in feeding of poor flowing products. This packer is ideal for low head room installations thanks to its compact design.  Its positive bag opening feature permits use of minimum bag size and improves accuracy.  The auger reverses at product cutoff to clear product from the filling tube, which prevents product dribbling when the filled bag is discharged.  

Empty valve bag is simply placed on filling tube and the start signal is actuated. Filling, weighing and cut-off at weight are fully automatic.  Auger valve bag fillers from Premier Tech are fast, reliable and accurate!


988 Series Auger Valve Bag Filler

  • Heavy Duty Rugged Tubular Welded Frame.  Non-Influencing Filling Tube design for high weight accuracy.  Designed to be used with the NXT family of Electronic Weight Controllers.

987 Series Auger Valve Bag Filler

  • Designed to be used with the DM family of Electronic Weight Controllers and Mechanical Type Scale Beam Packers.


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Product applications: paint pigments, carbon black, chemicals, minerals, bakery mixes, etc.

V hopper for free flowing products

Sealed proximity switch for cut-off weight sensing

Various Auger RPMs available, including 900 and 1500 rpm

Bag chair for support of bag bottom


Stainless steel contact surfaces

Bulk and Dribble Filling

Cone-shaped valve sealer on filling tube

Hopper with ribbon agitator and rotary paddles

Motors and electrical enclosures for wet or hazardous environments

Inspection door with interlock switch

Bag settler

Pneumatically-powered bag clamp

Automatic start

Powered bag discharge