Drum mixers, paddle mixers, in-line mixers and batch mixers

Drum Mixer

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Mixers are designed to mix a wide variety of free-flowing materials. Four different types of mixers are offered.

The drum mixer is used for gentle mixing and is perfect to preserve the quality of coarse peat fibre during the mixing process. It consists of a steel drum mounted on four wheels, driven by an electric motor and supported by a rigid frame minimizing rolling assembly wear. The drum rotates continuously, allowing the product to be mixed from entry to exit.

The paddle mixer is designed to provide positive mixing action for professional mixes. Its dual-shaft paddle-type agitator is ideal for both solid-to-solid and liquid-to-solid blending. The rotating paddles move the product from bottom to top, and then back down, creating a tumbling effect.

The in-line mixer is especially designed for retail peat mixes. Installed over a conveyor, this compact model is ideal for production lines with limited space. Its two rotating shafts with chains mix the product while it is being transported on the conveyor.

The batch mixer is designed for combining the weighing and mixing of two products. Provided with four load cells, the batch mixer weighs a first product, adds a second, and then mixes both products before releasing them on the line (usually in a feeder).

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Various models adapted to your mixing requirements

Safety guards included and in accordance with the most stringent regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)

Drum mixer: Gentle tumbling preserving coarse peat fibre quality

Drum mixer: Less power required

Paddle mixer: Wear-resistant paddles

In-line mixer: Simple design

In-line mixer: Offered in various widths

In-line mixer: Self-cleaning

Batch mixer: Highly accurate weighment


Rotation detector

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